The Miracle of the Sun

I have been doing some research about the miracle of the sun at Fatima, and I cannot find a good website which lists what happened. In fact, all I can find are naysayers providing reasons as to why it was a solar flare or peer pressure, these sites can be found here and here.

I was curious if anyone had links to any apologetic works regarding this miracle and if anyone knew of a good site which lists the details of what happened?

Well, Wikipedia was enough for me to believe. :slight_smile:

I don’t know about science…but there are photographs of the drenching rain with people soaked, and the after photo of being completely dry again.
There’s a DVD: Marian Apparitions of the 20th century that has some of this footage. Narrated by Ricardo Montalban.
There a few Fatima experts her on the forum…maybe they will weigh in with better info.

Thank you, I will try to find these.

If any Fatima experts do show up here, which I hope, I would like to ask them to read the first article I linked (this) and comment/try to refute it. Thanks.

People from all over the world have witnessed the miracle of the sun. Pope Pius XII saw the miracle of the sun behind the Vaticans gardens.

Check this out:

Here are some more sites

Of course they will try to debunk it, they have their own agenda to push, these people will NEVER admit to the supernatural being real and having any effect on our world.

These are the same people, that when the second coming happens, they will be running around telling people its all fake, a hoax, done to take advantage of christians or other nonsense.

The media is guilty of this too, they LOVE having modern day ‘experts’ that can explain away all kinds of things in the bible. LOL

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A solar flare? Really?

In order for that to be true, it would have to be a solar flare that:

  1. was predicted days ahead of time to occur at a particular time, and

  2. was visible from earth with the naked eye

Boy, is that a desperate attempt to explain away something. :eek:


Despite occurring approximately a century ago, people at the time knew a lot about solar phenomena, so the criticism that 70,000+ people were somehow fooled by a solar flare is insulting to their intelligence.

Moreover, what the people described was not the action of a solar flare. The report is that the sun rapidly spun, changed color, danced in the sky, and then appeared to rush towards the earth. All the while, people were somehow able to stare at this solar activity without burning out their retinas. Solar flares don’t do this. Solar flares don’t instantly dry an entire field of mud, either.

In terms of “peer pressure”, 70,000+ people is an awful lot to try to persuade through peer pressure! And how exactly would one even go about trying to convey the “talking points” to such a big crowd spread out over the territory, not to mention certain people in other towns? There were no microphones, speakers or leaflets in use. People in that crowd came from all over the world, so they didn’t even all speak the same language!

As someone with a degree in psychology, I can tell you that trying to test this theory by duplicating the original conditions and then trying to sway people through some kind of peer pressure application would be a logistical nightmare.

We must also keep in mind that among those who reported the miracle were atheists and reporters from Communist newspapers who went there initially for the purpose of debunking any reports of a miracle that arose. They wanted to be able to honestly say, “I was there and nothing happened!” But then they saw the miracle and were converted, and probably faced ridicule and even persecution as a result. In other words, there was pre-existing peer pressure for some in the crowd to actually deny the miracle. In light of all this, a theory based on the crowd being swayed by peer pressure to lie about witnessing a miracle seems very flimsy, at best.

The older I get, the more convinced I am that the will not to believe is very strong indeed, especially when believing means a change of lifestyle, that is, giving up one’s favorite sins.

If most people believe Fatima because thousands saw a one off event, why isn’t Zeitoun trumpeted from the rooftops? When millions saw it.

And could you put a number of the people who say they have been abducted by aliens for you to accept that as a real event?

Lots of people have heard of Zeitoun. But obviously promoting or investigating Zeitoun is the job of the bishop there.

Self-appointed Bishop Mintaka of the Internet (to use myself as an example) has no business butting in, unless she is invited or was a witness. I was neither, so I will not opine about a miracle that hasn’t been formally approved. That’s courtesy.

Fatima, OTOH, was fully investigated and approved by the local bishop and by other authorities, and there is tons of documentation to dig into. The whole reason we have an approval process in the Catholic Church is so that people can dig into the documentation if they have questions.

There have been many reports of Marian apparitions, and each of them is investigated thoroughly. Obviously, not all of them have been approved as worthy of veneration.

And could you put a number of the people who say they have been abducted by aliens for you to accept that as a real event?

If hundreds, or even dozens, of people reported an appearance of an alien space ship and little green men at the same time, and if the sighting can be verified by agencies who are designated to investigate such things, then I would accept it as a real event. Not holding my breath.

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