The Miracle through the Intercession of Saint Gianna Molla that Saved the Lives of a Mother and Her Child

Saint Gianna Molla was an Italian woman who was canonized after giving her life for her child. She refused the operation needed to save her life in 1962 because it would have killed her unborn baby. Then in Brazil in 2000 a pregnant refused an abortion though her unborn child could not survive, as she and others around her, remembering that the Italian mother, Saint Gianna Molla, had been in a situation like hers, prayed for the intercession of the saint. The child lived, though this was naturally impossible.
This was officially certified as a miracle by the Vatican, and was the miracle needed for Gianna Molla to be declared a saint.
The story of the miracle is recounted starting in the 10th paragraph of the article linked above.

St. Gianna,is a saint for our time.What always gets me,is the fact that she has a daughter still living,(in fact the very one ,forvwhom Gianna gave her life )It must be so amazing for her daughter,knowing her mother is a canonized saint! :slight_smile:

And her daughter, Gianna Emmanuela, is also a doctor.

St. Gianna, pray for us!

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