The miracles in the quran

Were they really “miracles”?
Or was it common knowledge in that period?
I saw a google video with a so called scientist that said it was not knowledge at that time (you tube),

Those that have a history background of this sort of thing…was it common knowledge of the time? Is there anything in the quran that is unexplainable (related to the miracles)?

No miracles in the Koran! However, Muslims enjoy picking up a few verses from the Koran - most of the time a verse that occurs only once in the Islamic scripture is preferred - and forcing it into a scientific/historic miracle with the help of various word plays as well as ignorance of the context.The linguistic peculiarities of the Koran all the more enable Muslims to fabricate a new hoax from verses open to multiple interpretation.

A muslim member of this forum brought up the same issue last year. Here is the link to that person’s claims and the responses that person got:

Here is another thread for which I had written a long post, debunking one of the supposed miracles in the Koran:

Angelos N.B.

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