The misconception that irks you the most

What’s the misconception/misrepresentation of the Catholic faith that you get the most, or that annoys you to most? For me, it’s when Protestants constantly demonstrate that they don’t know wha papal infallibility is, and when they confuse a dogma with a faith practice. It just seems that every time a fundamentalist debates a Catholic (and it doesn’t matter what the debate topic is; they’ll find a way to twist the debate topic so they can go on their favorite rant about the Catholic Church; the Hunt-Keating debate is exhibit A of this), the fundamentalist gets something wrong about basic Catholic concepts like this.

Btw, I’m not saying that all fundamentalists are like this; I’m sure there are many here that know Catholicism very well. It’s just that popular fundamentalist speakers and debaters seem to consistently get Catholicism wrong.

“Worshiping” Mary.

The way they constantly refer to the Church as the “Roman” Church or the “Roman Catholics”; it’s always a pejorative to associate the Church with pagan Rome.

And when they trot out the “Harlot” of Revelation as the Church.

My eyes roll every time I see it.

Works based salvation.

They don’t even bother to say good works…

Mainly why I have my sig line :smiley:

And man made doctrines… when they hold to Sola Scriptura/Bible Only :rolleyes:

A problem that I see many times is some people assume that Catholics, or more like Christians, teach creationism while sweeping evolution and the Big Bang Theory away. :manvspc:

That sacred tradition is man-made tradition.

That we worship wafers of bread in a ritual derived from Egyptian paganism, Greek mythology, Satanism, and other strands of occultism. :banghead:

Oh lawd have mercy. $10 says this thread ends up getting closed and buried at the bottom of the Yucca Mountains.

In the mean time, the most annoying misconception is that it’s a called a BAPTISMAL FONT, not a BAPTISTRY.

Girls were not allowed to wear patent leather shoes!:smiley: My friends used to ask me this all the time many years ago. I know it is silly, but it used to really bug me in my younger days.:smiley:

How they have the neck, and cheek to fob off chunks of Christianity to justify that there brand of Protestant is correct, like the Catholic Church went astray (when ?) so they came along to fix it (HUH) when, give us a date. They never do of course. What gives with the Mary Worship the Orthodox revere Our Lady as much as we do, but according to Protestants its only Roman Catholics that do this, then there is the whore of Babylon, what gives with this one.

If they are the branches, why are they calling there mother a whore, if it was not for the Catholic Church, they would not be around, plus they would have no Bible.

My pet peeve is when they refer to Mary as an ‘unwed’ mother, when she was truly married to St. Joseph at the time the Angel appeared to her. Check the customs in those days. Otherwise Joseph could have never had a mind to divorce her quietly when he found her to be with child. Knowing it wasn’t his, before the Angel came to him in a dream. God Bless, Memaw

One of the most idiotic ones I’ve heard a few times is …“Catholics don’t believe in Christ’s burial and resurrection, that’s why they still have him on the cross!” :rolleyes:

Then there’s the whole “Catholics aren’t ‘saved’ because they aren’t born again”

I suspect TK421 is right, this thread will be gone before too long.

Well, there’s good reason for this. The Catholic website I used to download descriptions of the parts of a church for my CCD classes’ tours last week called it a “baptismal font.”


Surely the “baptistry”" is the building (when separate, as in Pisa) and the “Baptismal Font” is where the water goes?

Hmm… Depends on the day. Let’s see…

*Catholics worship Mary.
*Catholics are not Christians.
*Catholics don’t preach the Gospel.
*The Pope is the Antichrist.
*The Catholic Church is man-made.
*The Church was founded by Constantine.

Probably the “Church being man-made”…

The Constantine Myth/Trail of Blood/“In the Early Church…X…but Rome changed it to Y” theory.

I’ve heard variations of this from enthusiastic sixth-day Sabbathists, to well educated, normally sensible people.

The general idea being that the apostles taught X (say, sola scriptura), the early church practiced it, and then Constantine/Rome introduced the contrary practice Y, eg. “No, it’s not Sola Scriptura, it’s Tradition”. And the whole church (Western, Eastern, Syriac,etc…) quietly said “Oh, yes :yup:” and went along, with not a trace of dissent.

As if the Church which suffered martyrdom from Imperial Rome for hundreds of years would quietly allow that same Rome to change their fundamental dogmas. (A “well educated, sensible” Anglican told me “It would have taken a brave man to stand up to Rome” in answer to my question of why no-one defended Sola Scriptura in the 4th century :rolleyes:).

These people are usually unaware that Constantine also shifted the imperial capital to Constantinople, so after the fall of Rome (5th century) the Roman church had negligible political power.

Animate gifs irk me way more than any misconception about Catholics. :wink:


I could care less what persons of other faiths think about the Catholic Church.

What chaps my butt is the amount of Catholics who have no clue what the Church teaches on carious subjects, and also believe that we have thrown out things like:

reverence let’s chatter 24-7!
kneeling let’s stand the whole time!
Adoration “I don’t get it”
the Rosary “that’s for old women who don’t know better”
various other devotions “superstitions of our parents”
and that at Mass we must copy every movement of the priest. “I’m special”


Drives me nuts.

Add breaking the second commandment to your list.


What’s wrong with saying Oh, My Gosh???!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

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