The Misfits, and Jerry Only professing Catholic

Hi I was wondering if there was any other Misfits fans on this forum. I watched an interview with Jerry Only where he didn’t back down and professed that Jesus was God during an interview with Eric Blaire and denounced Glenn Danzig’s imitations of Satanism in his music
I think its great that Jerry took a stand and leans towards being a more positive influence.

Love the Misfits, both old and new. I prefer Danzig’s voice, but I really liked the later stuff too.
That’s awesome to hear the news. :thumbsup:

Interesting. I love the Misfits. Some of the lyrics are horrendous, but a lot of the time you really can’t understand what they’re saying. I love their sound.

I love the Danzig-era Misfits! I don’t know enough about their post-Danzig material to comment on, though.

“Where Eagles Dare” is a classic. :thumbsup:

Great thread. :thumbsup:

Misfits were cool but some of the lyrics were just twisted and horrible.

So were The Cramps, but it was understood (like Rocky Horror) to be en homage to the the campy b-movies of the 1950’s. If people never “got” them, that’s probably why. :slight_smile:

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