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I will forego any legal problems by omitting the name of the person I am referring to here.

This individual stated that “science can solve any problem, even if science created the problem in the first place.”

Ironically, this philosophy requires a lot of faith, or more to the point, is the main article of this faith.

It raises a host of questions and problems. Is it true? Is science that altruistic to actually bother to do it (science has created a lot of disasters) ? Is it ethical to even ALLOW science to even attempt to solve “any problem”? Doesn’t this dogma of science fall apart on the point of allowing what is a “problem?”


I’d go ask him about the Nazi’s experiments regarding the physiological effects of hypothermia on the body. They were the ones who figured out exactly what happens! Hypothermia is a problem, isn’t it? All they had to do was freeze prisoners to death in freezing water as they tried to create a better survival suit for their Luftwaffe.

There’s your science without morals. Science knows no morals, only the observation of natural phenomena.


Yes and injecting malaria into priests.


That’s a big claim…


Why people commit crimes? Rape? Murder?


Well, what was the context?
Maybe it’s true that science can solve any problem. Science has created problems, science has solved problems. Science is neutral. Science is a tool, as a hammer is a tool.

Science isn’t to blame when evil people do evil things in the name of Science, any more than Religion is to blame when evil people do evil things in the name of Religion.

To me, Science is the embodiment, or the demonstration of, the use of the scientific method. Identify a problem, research what others have done for the problem, identify a theory about the problem, apply an intervention to the problem, gather data, analyze the data, communicate the findings.


Eventually, we may well be able to do that. Brain scans can show a whole lot nowadays.


People have morals. It’s our job to use them.


Well if you believe that you will believe anything.
The rest is commentary.

Let me know when universal death, sickness, accidents, poverty and misery have been solved.


As much as anything those problems come down to either biology or the application of science. Nothing is going to get rid of random chance, no science will prevent you from being killed by a hale stone. As to hunger and disease, that often has much more to do with policy. Scientists may be able to point the way, but solving some of these problems is really a political matter.


But if you keep asking ‘why’, it eventually goes back to ‘humanity is flawed.’ and if you ask why that is, you’re getting into philosophy, not science.


The scripture says that the world by wisdom knew not God.

There is the wisdom of the world, and then there is the wisdom of God.

Mankind, could never have come up with the science (knowledge) of the plan of redemption, see John 3, for that Godly wisdom is from above and Heavenly, not from the earthly.

Paul warns of the ‘science falsely so called’ or the sci-fi, which claims to be knowledge, when in fact it is vanity.

The science of the plan of redemption is the greatest of all sciences.

Have you ever heard, "The Bible is NOT a science book!!!1!"?

No, the Bible is ‘the science book’.

It contains all real knowledge and the science of all sciences, the science of Calvary, the science of salvation, the light of which, illuminates all other sciences. The scientific method is found at Calvary.

The Bible is also not a history book, but it is ‘the history book’, in which is the history to understand all histories, for it contains the life of the one true history of Jesus Christ, whom every man or woman ought to know for themselves.

Basic Scientific Method Flow Chart, of the Plan of Redemption/Salvation.













Write Findings


Publish Findings


Share with World


Obtain the ‘Prize’


When all death and disease is eradicated from the human race do let me know :grinning:.


Death is not a problem. It’s part of the process of living.

Disease on the other hand…well, unless you are reduced to sacrificing goats or praying then science might come in handy. As it does for all practical problems. That is, all problems that are amenable to the scientific process.

Otherwise you are going to find yourself in a Pythonesque: ‘Science? Huh! What has it ever done for us?’


1 Corinthians 15:26.


But why is random chance the way that it is? Why do we have to die in the first place


Because at the end of the day, whether you’re a planarian or a human, biology doesn’t care what happens to you after you’ve propagated. And the universe is filled with ways to kill you even before that. Heck, right now a star could be going super Nova within a few dozen lightyears and a deadly bath of gamma radiation is headed our way to cook the entire solar system.


I thought science can indeed help people not get killed by hailstones. It’s called meteorology, right?


It could be argued that death is the part of life that makes it bearable. And the part that makes it valuable. Theists argue that if there is no God then life has no purpose. I would argue that when life is eternal, it’s then that it has no purpose.


To some degree of accuracy, sure, but what scientists can’t do is stop people going out in to a hailstorm anyways, nor in any complex chaotic system can anything be predicted with 100% accuracy.


Right, whatever ills science will never eradicate by definition may not be called problems.

QED science can “solve” any problem.

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