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This is extremely well-put!

If a woman wants to keep the “Marylike standards” noted at the beginning of this thread, one stylish and attractive way to do so, would be to adopt the “tznius” (snoo-ss) concept from Orthodox Judaism. I have seen Jewish women dressed like this, and they look very nice, not at all pre-modern. There are women’s fashion websites and online stores that follow tznius standards. More traditional Catholic modesty standards do not extend to head coverings and scarves, as do some tznius standards, though there would be nothing wrong with a Catholic woman using such coverings for Mass, in lieu of the lace communion veils so often seen at Latin Mass churches and chapels (and not just Latin Mass venues).

The “s” sound at the end of some Hebrew words can be transliterated as either “t” or “s”, hence the difference in spelling. It’s pronounced the same, as in “Shabbas” versus “Shabbat”, and so on.

Your comment sounds a bit rude.

I think these are actually quite cute, and made in the USA (so, kind of pricey):

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I know what a prairie look is and an Amish look. That photo doesn’t look like either of those to me. It seems like you are implying that those are the only two choices for dressing modestly.

You joke, but let’s be honest for a moment.

Those Catholic families that often dress like “Little House” tend to have the following:

  1. They often have a lot of kids (like the pic above) and it would not surprise me to learn that many of those mothers make most of the girl’s dresses at home (I know my grandmother used to make my sisters dresses for Church when they were young). Plus, depending on number of kids, might even cut their kids hair instead of taking them to the local Hair Cuttery

  2. Typically only the father works. So they typically lack a two incomes. Many of the those fathers often work blue collar jobs or have jobs in ministry - which don’t always pay well. And even if they do have a good paying job, it can be difficult when you have 6+ kids.

  3. Even in the families where they can afford better clothes, they often homeschool or pay for Catholic school, and prefer to spend their leftover money on different things instead of expensive/designer clothes. For example: a pilgrimage or regular family vacation for family of 14 (like in your pic) can be VERY EXPENSIVE. So larger families will cut on things like designer clothes in order to spend more on family things.

  4. Finally, not to mention, large families like that often need very expensive vans with seating for 10 to 18 passengers.


This is the general advice given in countries like the Philippines for Church activities. It may also be the same dress code for some offices and schools:

I think the reasons that cut across the board are respect and professionalism.


Another thing Fr. Ripperger had mentioned in that video (just into the 12:00 minute mark) which stuck with me:

“So, some other basic observations : Culture has the place of protecting modesty in all its forms as far as relations between men and women . . . It is principally the role of the male to protect the honour of the female . . .”

I agree totally with the “wearing the leggings as pants” thing. (Edit–meaning, Don’t do it!)


My judgement of modesty for myself personally:

tops=are they see through, are they low cut in the front, could I bow and not show anything, is the upper arm area so open that you can see my undergarment, are sleeves at least to elbow, are they so short that if I bow my waist shows in the back, is my backside covered, could I raise my arms and not show anything, is neckline opened so that straps of undergarment shows?

bottoms=are they tight enough to show my undergarments, are they see through, is the waist so low cut it shows more than it needs to, if skirt is it below the knee, if a skirt is there a slit that shows anything above the knee, could I raise my arms and not show anything, can I bow without showing anything

Like I said these are for me personally a guide


I have to say the clothing offered today does make it a bit difficult to find things modest enough to wear to Mass. I have altered quite a few blouses in the front (little tucks) to make them not so wide necked and open. There are beautiful things out there but they just aren’t quite suited for Mass without a little bit of tweaking to make them modest. I’m really tempted to just go with all maxi length jumpers and blouses. If I can find a decent jumper pattern that doesn’t make me look like I’m wearing a tent I may get a few jumpers made.

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This must rule out a lot of summer attire.

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Well let’s just say in south Louisiana it’s not easy but I feel that is a minimum for me.

Cardigans. Light summer cardigans.

Or to even wear outside where there are people, let alone Mass. It seems like every skirt I pick up to try on is see-through. What’s up with that?


I am finding it a bit of a stretch that anything on this list actually pertains to modest dressing, but I totally am not understanding anything in 3.

Why do I need to look like I welcome conversation to be modest?

If I ask if I am on par with others, doesn’t that indicate I am dressing for someone else and not to respect myself and my Savior?

Do my clothes set me apart from others? What does that have to do with modesty? I can dress differently and still be modest.

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“Giving off” seems like an odd expression. Isn’t it usually used if something is giving off an odor? Maybe it is written by a non-native speaker of English and that’s why it “gives off” a weird impression?

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