The moment when God forgives us


There are some people saying they don’t need confession because they can go directly to God and ask for forgiveness. But if you commit a mortal sin you are forgiven only during sacramental absolution, isn’t it? And even if you are sorry about what you did, unless perfect contrition, you cannot believe that God has forgiven you before confession.

This is my understanding so far. But because someone told me that God has direct access to our soul and He doesn’t wait for us to confess in order to forgive us if we repent of our sin, I thought of asking where is the truth in this matter.


I think the “someone” who told you is a Protestant.

You are not forgiven unless you make a sincere Confession to a priest and receive absolution or you make an act of perfect contrition with the firm intent to get to Confession as soon as possible.
Outside that you cannot assume you are forgiven.


You are forgiven, but you are not absolved. There is a huge difference. Often, we are forgiven before entering the confessional.


We are forgiven of confessed mortal sins the moment the priest speaks the words of absolution. He is in persona Christi, and is speaking the words Jesus told His apostles to speak, in order to forgive sins.
We please God when we repent, and making an act of contrition is good to prepare ourselves until we can make it to confession, but we must intend to go and actually go to confession, and better it be without delay. God bless.


Could you explain the difference please?


I did not say you are absolved by making an act of perfect contrition. If you die before getting to Confession after an act of perfect contrition you are forgiven and would be saved.

Regarding your comment “Often, we are forgiven before entering the confessional” - only through an act of perfect contrition unless you can point to a Church teaching I am unaware of.


Putting wheels on this…

Make an act of contrition throughout the day especially when you are aware of sin you’ve just committed (or remember one from the past that you’ve not confessed). As soon as you’re reasonably able, go to confession to gain absolution. If you’re really remorseful of your sins, I believe you’ll be happy to go to confession as soon as it’s available to you.

Don’t worry if something happens to you before you can go. God knows you. I don’t believe God sits around and waits for us to trip up at the hour of our death. He loved us so much He sent His son to die for us. He will spare nothing to save us and bring us to Him if we are willing.


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