The Monastery -female version

For those of us in the U.S., The Learning Channel will finally begin airing the four part series featuring a group of women, with no vocation, who attempt to live for 40 days as a monastic in a Cistercian abbey. This is similar to the series titled “The Monastery” which aired last October and November. In fact, the name is the same, only this time it will feature women instead of men.

Unfortunately, the series will air at 2 pm Eastern. But at least it isn’t 2 am!

APR 08 2007 @ 02:00 PM (Eastern)
Episode #1
Into the Silence

Follow five independent, gregarious women as they experience a severe culture shock, and struggle to be part of a society where community trumps individualism, where possessions are frowned upon, and total silence is the order of the day.

APR 15 2007 @ 02:00 PM (Eastern)
Episode #2
Trouble in the Cloister

Katie rebels against the routine and dress code. Sarah can’t let go of her need for attention. Liz finds out that Sister Elena used to be a gang member. Sheila confesses her deep ambivalence toward the church.

APR 22 2007 @ 02:00 PM (Eastern)
Episode #3
The Turning Point

Sarah dumps her bright colors and decides to dress like the nuns. Sister Martha confronts Katie about her disrespectful behavior at the Abbey’s brother monastery. Sheila finds peace in a ritual of commitment.

APR 29 2007 @ 02:00 PM (Eastern)
Episode #4
Peace Among Sisters

Near the end of the 40 days, the sisters admit the experiment has affected them too. Sarah takes a hermit day to think about her path ahead and the other women consider how their lives will change too.

I am still upset at TLC for unexpectedly moving their last episode of the Monastery so everyone missed it. The show was good but it didn’t do well because of poor time slots poor advertising and of course unexpected changing of time slots at the last minute. Maybe they will do better with the Women’s version.

Yes, and this series also seems fated to have a limited audience. Its in the middle of the day, and it isn’t prominently featured on the website - I had to dig for the data. If I hadn’t gotten a tip from the Abbey’s website, I don’t think I would have found the information on TLC’s website.

I don’t know if they are advertising the series or not. I don’t watch a lot of TV and TLC isn’t a channel I normally follow.

Bad news… TLC has moved the show to an unspecified future date. :frowning:

I discovered the change when I checked the local online listings. For confirmation, I had to go to the website of the monastery where it was filmed.

TLC’s The Monastery

5 April: We have received confirmation that TLC has decided to postpone airing our programs.

The programs are still listed on TLC’s schedule as printed below, but this is an error.

For more information, contact TLC.
Their website is:
We will post as soon as we have any other information.

I really wish TLC would support this program!!

I tried to find the scheduled time on TLC for the program. It was not there. I did a bit of googling and unfortunately found the following:

DUBUQUE, Iowa (The Witness) - Our Lady of the Mississippi Abbey, near Dubuque, is known for the lives of prayer the sisters lead and for the delicious caramels that are sent world wide.

Now an even wider audience will eventually get a glimpse into their lives.
A four-part television series, “The Monastery,” was filmed in Dubuque in February-March, 2006, and was originally scheduled to air on the Learning Channel Cable Network on Easter Sunday, and three succeeding Sundays, but it was removed from the time slot to run at another unspecified date.

Here is the link to the story:

According to the website of the abbey where the female version of The Monastery was filmed, TLC has no current plans of airing the show. Apparently the decision was made after a change of management at that network.

Our Lady of the Mississippi Abbey has this to say:

We would like to encourage our friends to contact TLC and express their interest in seeing the programs. You can email them at

I hope you will consider contacting TLC and encourage them to air the show.

I would LOVE to see this, so I just contacted them. Thanks for the link & the info- I have never heard of either of these versions. It reminds me of the film “Into Great Silence”, which I would also love to see. Will cross my fingers that they decide to air it…

I was really bummed out when they bumped the final episode of the last series “The Monastery”. Did anyone ever get to see it?

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