The Moral Superiority of Protestants. .

It goes all ways, I would suggest, which indicates that it is a very human thing.

Thank you for that. :slight_smile:

Motivated Cognition in action: I believe X, and so X is clearly correct; you don’t believe X, and so you must be daft.

What amuses me is the constant recurrence of naïve, simplistic arguments against Protestantism, Catholicism, Orthodoxy, Christianity, Atheism, evolution, creationism, etc, as if no one else in the entire history of the world had sat down and thought about their beliefs for more than thirty seconds. All too often, these arguments are applauded by the people who already agreed with the apologist’s viewpoint, while utterly failing to persuade anyone undecided on the matter.

After many years of believing all sorts of things that turned out to be wrong (at least for me), I no longer try to convince anybody of anything. It’s rather pointless. And when I do give an opinion, I often add, “But I could be wrong.” :slight_smile:

I remember a guy once that had an issue with a Catholic he met previous to me that said to him
“the Church has always taught…XYZ” that he decided made ALL of us slaves to be
just ‘yes men’ to the Church.

That said we had a great conversation and I agree with another poster that I hope he got a positive “whiff” of me. LOL. Love it.


Something which I have noticed about academics is that the recognition of that last point is one of the hallmarks of the most expert ones: those who presume that they are correct seem to be the quickest to fall into error, in all sorts of fields.

It’s not necessarily moral superiority of Protestants that I have encountered but an intellectual deceptive pride that puffs itself up at the expense of Christian morality, mixed with a new form of paganism and heretical relativism.

Relativism appears to be the NEW form of Moral Superiority which seeks to displace the apostolic morality handed down from Jesus and the Apostles. I see most protestants members falling victim to accepting a morality disguised under the title of Christianity. For one example among others; The Anglican Church has succumbed to ordaining women as priests and bishops, not to mention some protestants who are ordaining and accepting the gay life style among their clergy, which you labeled as “nicely”.

We are sent out as sheep among wolves in these times. Consider it all a blessing when they persecute you because of the Master’s name.

Intellectual pride among some protestants becomes the evil power and principality that prevents the Truth of Jesus Christ to be lived and replaces or supersedes the simple morality of the Christian life.

I am comforted to know in my Christian Catholic faith that Jesus chose 12 simple fisherman to teach and feed His flock. Paganism today has infected the faith of many non-Catholic Christian members to believe and accept one owns Truth for a lie.

Peace be with you

Did you ask them what denomination of the 40,000 they belonged to? I think too many people only want to think for themselves and think they have the truth.

a good number of protestants i’ve met do not consider me a christian,because i am catholic.:eek:
However,I have met a good number too that respect the catholic faith,respect us and acknowledge us as fellow christians.My step -mum is one of them.:slight_smile:

I agree wholeheartedly.

I was born and raised a protestant and have been all of my life. I’ve run into arrogant Protestants and humble ones as well as everything in between. It runs the gamut.

I’ve also encountered arrogant Catholics and humble ones on CAF. Most have been nice and charitable, but some not so much. Such is life.

In the end we must all appeal to the Lord to help us grow in wisdom, love, and understanding that does not allow for condescension and arrogance, because in the end we are all sinners who are in need of the grace of God.

Little to show for their efforts?!

Do you want me to make a list of all the good that Evangelical Protestants, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, have accomplished in this world? The list would shut down this Board.

How about exponential annual growth in many of their churches for starters?

I was Evangelical Protestant for the first 47 years of my life, and my heart breaks for the many great Christians that I knew who you just insulted. Your statements sicken my heart.

Do you not see that your statement has just as much arrogance as you are accusing “them” of?

12 simple fishermen?

St. Matthew was not a fisherman.

One of the reasons why Evangelical Protestants tend to doubt the…training…of Catholics is that they don’t know their Bible. Sorry, fellow Catholics. During the January 1 Mass, our dear pastor challenged all of the parish to go back to the Bible and learn the Bible stories. He pointed out that many Catholics have no idea who various Old Testament people were and what they did, and he said that we need to get hopping. I agree.

And what on earth is wrong with niceness?!

I wish people were nicer.

Now if you’re talking hypocrisy, I agree with you.

Take care–I was Evangelical Protestant for 47 years, and in all my reading and studying (and I did a lot of it, as did most of my friends in my churches), I never saw any “Doctrine of Niceness” described as “the sum of the Gospels.”

Quite the contrary. The Gospel that I saw in the Evangelical Protestants churches was much tougher than anything I see in the Catholic Church.

Do you want to know the answer to your question?

Evangelical Protestants see Catholics as somewhat wishy washy because they know many people who claim to be Catholic but haven’t attended Mass or any church in years or even decades. They see many Catholics co-habiting. They see regular occurrences of Catholics getting drunk and excusing it with a chuckle and a wink.

And sadly, while Evangelical Protestants voted around 90% against the election and re-election of the most pro-abortion president ever (Barack Obama), 51% of Catholics voted for President Obama and his pro-abortion policies.

Evangelical Protestants would be the first to tell you, sincerely, that they are the greatest of sinners and have no right to judge anyone.

This is a great post:thumbsup:

This. And to add to this… Read the short article below where it talks about the growing secularization of todays society. These inter-Christian squabbles are just what the Deceiver wants so our eyes are taken off the ball…

Without going into specifically, I too am really revolted by all the self-righteousness and what-not.

Granted, I guess I can’t really complain for one simple reason: if I were to (though I don’t know if I’ll ever have the will power to do this) make a firm commitment to avoid all religious discussion forums (Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant alike) then I am quite certain I would avoid most of that stuff. :o



Learn from Protestants?? :eek:

JK. Actually, I agree with you. Learning from each other can be a great idea, so long as certain dangers are avoided like indifferentism.

I know!!! What a concept!! LOL

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