The moral voter: Bishop offers guidance to faithful Catholic voters

Do CAF members agree with what Bishop Robert McElroy of San Diego said during a very recent lecture?

As an adult with my own conscience, I don’t need a bishop telling me how to vote any more than I need a pundit or a celebrity telling me how to vote. Thanks but no thanks Bishop, I’ll make my own voting decisions.


his position was overruled by the rest of the bishops this past fall. abortion is the bishops’ preeminent priority in America.

he is wrong on the Paris executive order, it allows China and India to build new coal plants until 2030. this is not in the best interest of the climate,


This!!! We are grown-ups. We are the best equipped to make those decisions for ourselves.


Where he is most egregiously wrong is in labeling the abandonment of the Paris accord as a moral issue in the first place. It is not. It is a judgment about the validity of the claims made about climate change and the proposals of how to respond to it. There is no moral aspect to the question, the bishop’s personal political views notwithstanding.


Yes and no. There are some issues that are really nonnegotiable that would be a sin to vote for. Those would be grave issues that are mortal sins.

Beyond that, politics is not one of them and that guy is flat wrong.


I don’t see anything wrong with what he said. He told people to vote their conscience, and sympathetically said that these decisions are difficult.

Global warming…over abortion??? Umm, no…I don’t agree with the bishop.


What was wrong was his repeated comparison of moral issues with issues he called moral that are not.

Both abortion and climate change are “core life issues in the Catholic church,”

This is ridiculous.


It would have been fine if that was all he said. But telling people it’s not okay to be a single-issue voter, and ranking “moral evils” such as announcing that the Paris accords were worse than federally funded contraception, was out of line.

I’m not a single-issue voter, but if somebody else wants to be, that’s their choice and they may even feel it’s the morally correct choice. What if the single issue was “stop the war in Viet Nam” rather than “stop abortion”?

And people should be able to make their own ranking of moral evils.

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Meh…it doesn’t bother me since he qualifies it with vote your conscience. He’s a bishop, its his job to talk about this kind of stuff. I don’t think there’s anything wrong if he may have stepped outside of the morals and faith ballpark. I’d rather see bishops talking about issues of the day than just ramble on about stuff that’s irrelevant to most people’s lives.

So you’re going to chide a Bishop because you think he colored outside the lines?

He is allowed to speak his conscience and you are free to ignore him.

It’s sad to see the lack of respect given a Catholic bishop on a Catholic website.

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He’s a bishop, not God. We’re allowed to disagree with them.


I disagree with him because his assertion is simply false on its face, and he is gravely out of bounds to make it. It is inappropriate for a bishop to suggest that accepting what is nothing more than his political views is a moral obligation. An opinion on climate change is no more or less a personal judgment than opinions on the stock market, there is no moral choice involved in either.


It’s sad to see a Catholic bishop publicly mislead his flock.


How is he misleading his flock?

Unfortunately, he is wrong almost every time he speaks on these things.

Advising people to vote their conscience is a throw-away “duh” comment everyone does anyway. The problem is more than half those consciences are worthless.

His position was already overruled by the greater body of Bishops, but unless they gag him, he can continue to say whatever he wants and be wrong. The guy needs prayers.


I am more concerned with so-called leaders of the flock risking the souls of the flock by constantly misinforming them.


How is he misinforming his flock and what action are they taking that you think they are risking their souls?

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