The moral voter: Bishop offers guidance to faithful Catholic voters

Check out what Jimmy Akin has had to say about Pope Francis’s environmental encylical.

Bishop McElroy:

it is a far greater moral evil for our country to abandon the Paris Climate Accord than to provide contraceptives in federal health centers.”

There is an assumption that McElroy is making regarding the Paris Accord: That it is actually was doing something good. If climate change truly puts lives at risk, then any accord that would allow the largest carbon producer to continue to build coal plants at the rate China does, isn’t really a good accord.

McElroy seems to be making a political judgment and then calling it a moral judgment.

Umm…I still don’t agree with the bishop…at all!

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Abortion is covered under the headline of Thou shalt not kill. The commandment covering the most severe of sins.

Can’t remember Jesus or Moses or any New Testament apostle equating pulling out of a political agreement to the selfish murder of an innocent party … ever.

If we come before the throne of justice and District Attorney Satan accuses us of hardly doing anything to stop the killing of millions of innocents in our country … :unamused: - “but I backed the Paris Climate Accord …”
is a mighty small loincloth to try to cover oneself with.

:thinking: In fact being lukewarm, or even ONLY typing out a 30 second objection to the most hideous deadly sin of abortion (as I’m doing) may not be a passing grade either.

Great moogly googly. How bad IS the weather in San Diego? Or Rome for that matter.

The Lord knows when a sparrow falls. Sometimes he’s used BAD weather to help people consider repentance.

At least one Old Testament Prophet commanded a drought and ended it through prayer (instead of say, helping King Ahab distribute some committee’s climate notions), raising taxes, and leaving notions of God and morality out of it.

I’m glad of sites like Catholic Answers for spiritual insights … the Weather Channel is ok for things in its area of expertise.

Babies … as you and I were … are formed by the hand of God. Their selfish destruction for profit cannot be shilly shallied into a virtue … nor can weather warriors expect to be taken seriously when equating
opposing their dubious politics as an evil on the same plane (so one might just as well do one thing as the other … preferably the wrong one in the end IMO).

This Sunday’s Liturgy ought to make such things clear.

Google USCCB readings of the day 2/16/2020


Well, for what it’s worth I agree with you. But just to let you know there is a lot of anger out there. I don’t know if you’re an American or what region of America you are in but based on what I read online there is a lot of anger out there.

Depending on who the next Pope is, there may be a schism. I loved Pope John Paul and I love Pope Francis, less than John Paul but having been to Italy, Spain, and Austria I feel he is in line with his authority as Pope. Given those are Catholic countries they view Catholicism differently; there is no Protestant or government berating you about your beliefs.

Benedict was fine, but he stepped down. He could be popular to a certain part of American Catholics, but I feel in the whole Catholic world he wasn’t as popular.

So, we as Catholics can disagree upon politics. But as a Catholic from a Blue State I know there are regional differences across America. So, don’t let it get you down. I wouldn’t vote for Trump, although I would vote for a Republican. However, I am not angry at Trump or Trump Supporters.

The media is the worst enemy, liberal or conservative because it function only for the sake of ratings. Strong emotions keep people glued to the tv screen. I don’t watch tv anymore, much less cable news. On a typical day I play piano, listen to jazz, read. I’m waiting for Baseball season to start now that Football season is over. So, don’t let it get you down, follow your heart, the Bible, the Saints and always pray.

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There’s also a downplaying of the pro-life issue - as if it centers on contraception as opposed to abortion.

It is deceptive to phrase the pro-life position as revolving around contraception.

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