The morality of Cursing

I understand that many curse out of force of habit. They surely curse without thinking about the sheer **** spewing out of their mouths. Are such people sinning when they cuss by simple habit?

Then again, people will cuss when angry. There is a certain force behind their cursing. Surely this is more sinful, yes or no?

Then you may have a situation of someone (say me for example) who disdains cussing. I make a point of keeping my mouth clean. So in light of this, should I cuss (which I have on occasion) when provoked by someone saying inflammatory and rude things to me, to which I respond impulsively, “Shut the F. up”, am I sinning in such scenario? Mind you, I immediately felt horrible the second after that phrase left my mouth.

Thanks for your reply.

St. Jose Maria Escriva – "That conversation was as dirty as a sewer.
It is not enough for you to take no part I it, you must show your
repugnance to it strongly. Never talk of impure things

Should you cuss? NEVER!

Is it a sin? Yes. That’s why you immediately feel horrible.

Can you imagine Jesus, the Blessed Virgin Mary, or ANY of the saints cussing?

No foul language should come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for needed edification, that it may impart grace to those who hear. Ephesians 4:29.

Hard to get away from cursing these days, look at the amount used in comedy programmes etc. We laugh at mostly, but if used to put someone down or used in anger its not so funny.

Here are my thoughts on cussing: There are really three different types of expressions that fall under the common category called “cursing” or cussing.

  1. Using the Lord’s name in vain, the most common, and perhaps the worse because it is cursing God (see number 2), is G@#-d!@#. This is grave matter, but culpability is certainly lessoned due to habit. It should be broken
  2. Cursing someone. This is for instance telling someone “Go to h@#", or "D#% you”. These are also grave matter. You are wishing the worse on someone.
  3. Obscenity, this would be the example that you gave or perhaps a simple “D#$$” or “H@#$” when one is frustrated or angered. But it is not directed at any person, so it is not a curse. These could be grave, if very offensive to another, or venial, if somewhat offensive, or not a sin at all in some cases (eg a simple h#$l when frustrated and no one hears it). But F-bombs are always sinful IMO, even when no one hears it, since it is a very obscene word.

I’m not sure talking about impure things specifically is the same as using foul language in a general sense.
I know people who you could describe as morally righteous, but through habit, poor education, however you want to say it, have a really atrocious vocabulary.
On the other hand, you have the most pretentious and erudite person who will eloquently argue for the most vile of things. I think God sees the heart.

Just because you can’t imagine someone cursing doesn’t mean they didn’t. I think we can safely assume Jesus did not take the Lord’s name in vain. But did Jesus ever mean to insult or offend? I’m going out on a limb, but I recall a “brood of vipers”.

I think about this question repeatedly, for i have a habit since i go to school where literally everyone from every social class and what-not does it.

There’s an obvious problem with intentional cursing of people but there can also be a more subtle problem of the saying such words while without any meaning. People seem to think that you can cuss and not really mean what you say, but that seems to just make everything more complicated in terms of the meaning of words.

Off the bat; the A word, the SH word, and if i’m correct even the B word, Can’t be considered objectively immoral words because of their benign meanings. They are simply taboo.

As for words like the F word, i would say it’s a different case because those words in fact do have a obscene meaning behind them, so it’s difficult to rationalize using such big words with little intent.

still probably a good thing to eradicate the entire habit if you plan on living a completely disciplined and pure-minded type of life, even if many of the cases of cussing are not outright evil.

There would be many variables here, like what word you use, also if your acting or quoting i doubt it would be wrong then

I would say 1) and 2) are definitely sinful, but mere foul language is not per se sinful. Crudeness does not equal sin.

God Bless

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