The morality of the new High School Musical

Some of the characters (Sharpay and Ryan Evans) are portrayed as materialistic and selfish and yet, there is a good connotation of that through the movie. There’s an entire song called “Fabulous” devoted to celebrating materialism and $money$…not a very healthy self-image messages being sent to the middle-school demographic who, unlike these characters, probably don’t frolic at a country club all summer!

Other characters, however, (Gabriella and Troy) are hard working and honest, but they’re still “top-of-the-school” at something: sports, brains, and good looks. It’s still sending that message that only the prettiest, smartest, and most talented kids deserve each other. Everyone else is just a “suppoting role”!

What does everyone here think of the new movie? (Not expecting many here to have watched it, just hoping some of you have kids who watched it or something along those lines!)

Well, I have watched it, along with my kids! I enjoyed it (although not as much as the first HSM).
In terms of modesty, I thought the s’ swimsuits were great. No itty bitty s. “Gabriella” and some of the other s all have regular figures. I thought that was very good to see. It seems so many of today’s young actresses are stick thin and let all their parts hang out of everything.
I thought the whole message was wholesome and meaningful. Troy chose to pass up the big money and hopes of scholarships to remain true to himself.
It seems that Ryan and Sharpay got their comeuppance in this movie. Just because one has lots of money and things doesn’t mean that they get everything. Sometimes hard work does pay off.
Lastly, I thought it was sweet that Troy and Gabriella waited so long for that first kiss. A little corny with all of the fireworks, but I thought it highlighted how special that first kiss can be and how it’s okay to wait for it.
Perhaps I’m being a little too sentimental, but that’s my take! I’m pretty fussy about things my kids watch, too.

Yes. They get commended for that. I totally agree.

A caller on Relevant Radio called in about his disbelief that orthodox Catholic Parents let their children watch High School Musical because of a lack of morality and modesty. Neither the moderator nor the guest made a comment because they hadn’t seen the film. I had seen it once before but decided to record it to see if this caller’s assessment was close to accurate. After watching the first and second last night I would say the caller was misinformed (especially about the first one). The first one didn’t have any female belly buttons showing and the girls dressed like girls (dresses, skirts, capris). Sharpay is over the top, but everyone around her thinks she’s an extremely difficult person to be around because of her overly inflated ego, self love and materialism. I also liked the fact that there wasn’t one single kiss in that film. I believe this teen film was the most innocent of all teen films I’ve ever seen. I am more than happy to think that this is more popular than Grease (talk about a morally corrupt musical) and hope that through history it will be ahead of Grease in the teen musical classics. The music is good and fun.

As for High School Musical 2, my least favorite part was that the songs looked more like music videos than a continuation of the story line and scenery.

Just curious, what’s wrong with belly buttons? Nothing worse than what you would see at the beach.

I’ve seen both HSM1 and HSM2. I had no problems with either of them, and I think they are one of the most innocent teen movies I have ever seen.

we should not be seeing belly buttons at the beach, either. the only thing worse than the beach would be full frontal nudity (I live near S Padre so I know how bad the beach is.)
by coincidence I saw the first one last night, HSM, because I and my kids have been in our share, for nostalgia, but it was so teeny bopper I could not enjoy it, too old I guess, and I thought the music would make up for it, but was so disappointed in the music.

No belly buttons at the beach, sounds like you want all women to wear burkas or something. I mean it’s a belly button. Men show it, why can’t women. The point is to keep your genitals covered in both males and females. Beyond that it differs by culture, unless you want men to be covered up like this also

It looks innocent enough to me, but my grandaughter (8 yrs) says her dad lets her watch it. I think it’s a bit mature for a girl that age, but he’s the parent, not me.

Really it is the eight year olds that watch it. Most high schoolers would think it was too childish. But it is very popular with the grade school crowd. I was surprised to hear that a lot of the young boys knew all the words to the first musical. I don’t have cable so I haven’t seen either on TV. I saw the local highschool production of HSM

Actually, it is popular with middle, high, and even college kids. All my friends and I (we’re going into college this fall, so I guess we were caught on the edge of this craze) had a get-together the night it came out to watch it. And, I admit, (since this is an anonymous forum!) that I do have a few of the songs on my iPod!!:o (They’re just too catchy!)

Come to think of it, we are/were the “theatre kids” so we go crazy for any form of singing combined with sharp coreography…it’s like a cult! Once you’ve been in one musical, you’re hooked. From then on you can relate to any actor who’s ever been in one, so we feel “connected” to all the kids in that movie 'cause we’ve shared the experience of making a musical…and the fame that comes with it. I guess it’s different for some kids my age, but that’s why we watched it.

Have to agree. The radio stations in town was talking to a bunch of high school juniors who were getting together and having a HSM party the night it came out. i personal DVR it so i could watch it at a later date. It’s good chessy and fun entertainment no matter what age you are. I love the disney channel.

I glad to hear that. When the local school put it on it was real popular and I guess the kids in it got real sick of it. (they put on a whole lot of shows) so maybe that soured some of the locals on it Or maybe it is that being a college town our kids often think that they are more sophisticated than others. (there is a certain snobbery in this liberal college town)

That’s pretty sad. The music is good IF the right voices are singing it. I think the cast on the movies sounds great together, but a few of them (Zac Efron, and Ashley Tisdale in particular) don’t sound too good by themselves.

I would’ve given anything to have gone to that high school where they just sing and dance in the halls randomly!!

I would sing “Godspell” songs all the time in the hallway during senior year at my high school! :smiley:

I don’t know about the older kids, but it is REALLY popular in the 8-10 crowd. I work at an after-school program and just about all the girls in that range either have the t-shirt or backpack or notebook, and if they don’t, they want it.

I haven’t seen either one, but I’m glad to hear it is at least pretty clean, cause from what I can tell, most of what my kids watch isn’t at all!

I watched HSM2 with my grade school nephews. Believe me, it is better than that Cartoon Network fantasy violence that they are always trying to sneak a look at…we’ve finally got them back to some of these Disney shows. I think the musical was a joyful celebration of friends, fun and lovable fantasy. It showed how important it is to be a good friend, what happens when you forget who you are and hurt your friends, how you can regret your actions, apologize to your friends, and they can forgive you. I pointed this out to the boys and I hope that is something that will make an impression on them. I myself loved the musical numbers…there’s just something so upbeat about kids singing and group dancing.

…like I said, I’m a theatre kid so I go crazy for any combination of upbeat song and choreography, especially when the kids are my age: then I’m rooting for them even more!

I watched it with my daughter, too, and liked it, altough not as much as the first one. It was pretty innocent. Troy & Gabriella having to keep waiting for their first kiss, and then the fireworks, was very sweet. I thought Sharpay’s swimsuit showed too much cleavage (my son informs me she’s 24 years old). The music is catchy, the lyrics are clean, and the dancing is clean - which is the best part, because my daughter loves to imitate dancing she sees on tv.

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