The more cannabis you smoke, the more likely you are to be a loser, finds international study


The more cannabis you smoke, the more likely you are to be a loser, finds international study

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(sometime later) :rotfl: (and) :pizza:


Did we really need a study to demonstrate that?


Per NEED. Probably not.

But I am basking in the glow of an “intenational study” that actually came to a sensible (if overly obvious) conclusion. :tanning: "Ahhh … back on the* right** side of the looking glass!"*

AND got reported upon in a major media outlet! :eek: < color me surprised! And :).

Until I reflect upon the subject and the damage done by marijuana - even to people I have known and loved. < switch that last word to present tense.


Good news but not for the “legalize marijuana for ‘recreational’ use crowd.”

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Resorting to name calling is highly uncharitable to one’s neighbor :nope:

Furthermore, marijuana is saving many people’s lives with no side effects while many pharmaceutical drugs are destroying people.


Marijuana doesn’t cure anything.
It just lessens symptoms.

No one is saved through its use.



This was my first thought too…






Why do you think they call it dope?


I can’t decide which is more “shocking”.
A article from the Guardian posted, or the subject of said article. :smiley:

But seriously, there are a few people who claim to use weed heavily…and it shows in their writing.


I’ll guess I’ll have to go back to my other medicine.


This is a surprise how ??


So putting two and two together here, marijuana is “saving” people’s lives but those people are forgetting where they put their lives.

Or, the health benefits are that marijuana users become oblivious to their problems by forgetting they have any after about three minutes. :hypno:


Ah, yes, but you are forgetting that many pharmaceuticals today also do the same thing in different ways. They are not harmless either. Please don’t act like they aren’t, or that they don’t KNOW about its ill effects on people.

I’m not ‘for’ marijuana, but I do know that the Bible states that God made something out there for a cure for every ailment. There is no need to diss something if it is used improperly. Its not the natural material itself that is bad, but those wishing to use it improperly. It is documented that Pope Leo XIII took cocaine in the form of a popular drink at the time. I think he did it to try and also help with an ailment.

So, please know your history before you start being uncharitable to other posters. I am in agreement with the person here who spoke well of how uncharitable this thread has become…

And having said that I want to make it clear I am NOT someone who agrees with illegal drug use. I hate it and have seen too many people fall because of it. Its really not funny which is why I take offense to the joking around. Those are souls Jesus loves and cries over. What gives you the right to make fun of them or put them down?


People who are*** relieved*** of severe symptoms SAVES. No one said anyone was cured by it. Have some mercy. Relief is a godsend any way you can get it. That’s why some people do agree to take pharmaceuticals that kill your liver over time… they want and need relief, so they opt for short term over long term. Many people do that.


Based on research anyone can do, most pharmaceuticals used today are discovered by trial and error. That is why a brand name drug costs a lot more than its generic counterpart. But marijuana has side effects as well.

I worked at a major hospital for almost ten years and have been on various medications myself.



I suspect Jesus has to shed many more tears over those “souls” who become lost or unstable as the result of drug use and abuse.

I lived through the sixties and early seventies at a time when recreational drug use was rampant. I went through a period of heavy use during my last two years of high school. Fortunately, God intervened. It took me five years to recover my sanity. You have no idea.

The sister of a friend is still in a semi-comatose state in an extended care facility over forty years after she experimented with uppers. A university buddy of mine lost his son to drug use. ANYONE who promotes recreational drug use needs to think through their promotion of what will continue to be a social nightmare. There are increasingly more hideous drugs making their way on to the street. Lives and families are being ruined as a result.

There is no solid evidence that marijuana serves any medical benefit and those activists who promote it resist any attempts to medically test or control it. This is a pretext for making it legal and that is all.

I think Peter Hitchens is making a strong case that marijuana and other “soft” drugs can be implicated in many if not all of the terrorist actions being perpetrated. Radical Islamists are heavy drug users.

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