The Mormon Advantage


I think there would be a quantifyable “Catholic Advantage” too, if there were an easy way to pick out those Catholics who stick to Catholic teaching…

While the topic of the article is presidential political candidate Mitt Romney, there is a lot of interesting information about Mormon .vs. other religious groups’ sexual behavior, as well as the “coincidental” social benefits where this behavior is prevalent.

Truth is, I don’t think this is just an accident. There’s something about Mormons the rest of us ought to pay attention to: Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints do much better than almost any other faith group at sustaining a marriage culture – and they do this while participating fully and successfully in modern life. Utah is above the national average in both household income and the proportion of adults who are college graduates.


I am curious as to why this purported “marriage culture” doesn’t translate into lower divorce rates in Utah compared to the rest of the country.


My theory is that marriage is so much more “common place” in southern and western states, and more rare in the states of the northeast - meaning that the only people that even bother to get married (as opposed to “shacking up”) in the northeast are quite serious about their marriage, whereas there are A LOT of people that get married in the south and west that aren’t quite so serious.

(It’s kind of like SAT results from state to state - in some states 90% of the students take the test, and in others, only 5% take the test - and the states where 90% of the students take the test have much lower average scores than the states where only 5% take the test.)

Well, that’s my theory.


Maybe, don’t know, here’s the marriage data from the same source and you can compare

There’s also a report from the CDC on “Cohabitation, Marriage and Divorce” here

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