The Mormon belief of Jesus being just a perfect man

Hi! I hope you can help me. I have a close friend who is a devoted Mormon. I am a devoted Catholic consecrated in the Salesian spirituality. I have been sharing my faith with my friend and took her to the Utah Cathedral of St. Mary Madeliene. The priest celebrating spoke in his homily about the Mormons being the last workers in the vineyard- 4pm (< 200 years ago) and the Catholics coming at 8 am, 2 thousand years ago. This was very kind indeed but it has watered down for my friend and I the deep discussion about the Blessed Trinity, Eucharist, the 7 sacraments, the consubstantiation and much more.
Now when I mention my concerns about the beginnings of Mormonism and their beliefs, her reply is that she is a fellow christian coming into the vineyard at 4pm and is welcomed.
My friend is so deeply in love with Jesus, her savior. Yet she sees him as a perfect brother that was made by a heavenly father and mother and that she too can obtain this status.
There is much more but I need to be brief.
My question is … what could be my next step in helping my friend’s heart listen to what I am saying? She told me last week that she wants to cover herself with holy water and drink it. The more I learn about Mormonism, the more it becomes to me, quite horrifying. I do think it is rather cultist and they hide behind their great social reforms and supports within their wards yet first hand I see it also as very controlling and speaking many 1/2 truths. Thank you in advance. Sincerely, Beehopefull

I believe it’s hard to break people out of their personal ‘truths’, but prayer and applying the Cardinal virtues of Prudence, Justice, Fortitude and Temperance might help because they do try their best to behave in a virtuous way as part of their beliefs similar to us in our journey to Sainthood (which is why I like them). I believe that Mormons are for the most part, very good family focused people and have met Mormon families that I really like, but there is a definite difference in their beliefs from ours without a question. However, I’ve found they’re very spiritual people who believe in fellowship in their worship as a Church letting the Holy Spirit run through it, sound familiar? They also believe in the afterlife as well when some religions don’t even talk about the afterlife. Mormons believe baptism is important for salvation as we do which is why they will even baptize those infants who didn’t receive baptism before they died, however, they don’t baptize in the trinitarian formula as Jesus commanded to be made a disciple of God. Matthew 28:19 which is why their baptisms aren’t seen as valid Christian baptisms in our Church. So they have partial truths as you said. I believe sometimes that Joseph Smith was actually a Catholic deep down in his heart…:wink:

I struggle with their understandings as well, but try to find common ground as a starting point of discussion and You might pray for your friend to come to the fullness of the truth found in the Catholic faith. These are my thoughts on the matter for what its’ worth.

First of all, pray for her.

Second of all, maybe find some good DVD’s of Marcus Grodi’s The Journey Home where he interviews former mormons who have come home to the Catholic Church. :slight_smile: It just might be helpful.

***“No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him. And I will raise him up on the last day.”

There is much good in mormonism. It’s best to remember that which unites men and then work from there.

Beehopeful, people who have deep belief in their faith are not easily shaken by someone else’s argument. No matter what evidence you give someone like this, they always have a rebuttal that makes perfect sense to them. Presenting evidence only works when people are questioning their faith, and are looking for something. That is when they are vulnerable. If your friend is really convinced of Mormonism, the best tactic for you is to simply continue to be her friend and set a good example of what a Catholic is supposed to be. And always pray that she see the light of truth. Set an example, and let the Holy Spirit do the rest. Pray. Praying is very important here. You can’t do this by yourself. Good luck. And by the way, it’s “transubstantiation” not “consubstantiation”.

The mormon faith is not considered Protestant or catholic, or even christian by the roman Catholic Church. It is considered a cult.
It is not biblical. Nowhere in the bible does it say God was a man like us who became God by living a good life, and that we can become gods of our own planets too.

None of that is even christian. Or biblical.

It is believed their guy who received ‘visions’ about the mormon faith was a false prophet,
Because he said things Jesus NEVER said.

Catholics believe the bible is public revelation: that God revealed everything he wanted to reveal DURING Jesus life, RECORDED it in the bible, and ANY revelation CANNOT contradict the bible, and the public revelation of Jesus teaching.

You could tell your friend that Fr. was not conveying that if you’re working in the vineyard, that’s that. It’s like thinking, “I’m all prayed up”, because I went to church on Sunday.

The Easter Vigil at the Cathedral is the ideal time and place for learning about the sacraments. Three sacraments in one night.

The Cathedral has an RCIA inquiry group, which is a pre-RCIA gathering. It’s a good place to inquire about the Catholic faith, and meet others who are also just curious, or also seeking baptism of course. Many former LDS and LDS find their way to the cathedral. There is no pressure to convert. Many LDS have misconceptions about Catholicism, including, that it isn’t much different than Mormonism.

If you need/want support, there’s a few of us here who live in Utah and are in the Cathedral parish.

I will keep your friend in my prayers.

Hi I am very grateful for all replies. I am in my heart actually on my knees in prayer n have been since we became friends. I only chat when the atmosphere seems open. I was a visitor to Utah n my friend n I attended holy mass. I am grateful to have shared the holy mass with her. Thank you’s to all of you n the edu of the proper spelling. Have a blessed Thanksgiving. Most sincerely, Beehopefull🌹

I hope you enjoyed your visit.

A thought I have today, regarding working in the vineyard, and viewing that as enough, is Matthew 11:

28 "Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest.
29 Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am meek and humble of heart; and you will find rest for your selves.
30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden light.”

So, for me, the “enough”, can also be too much. That is, viewing our labors as what Jesus is calling us to do, in the parable of the vineyard, is missing the point. He is calling us to Him, and explaining what it means to be His disciple. Petty jealousies, jockeying for position and favor, etc. Remove these things, and carry the yoke of Christ.

Hi. Thank you for your reply. I am though a bit confused when you mention about jockeying into position? I do believe the Christian journey is all about a close relationship with our Lord, each one of us. I do not ponder nor consider myself above another person or even venture into this realm. When I did a bit research on what devote Mormons are taught to believe n also what they are told about Catholics my stomach turned. It is most disturbing as what is my Summit, Our Lord in the Eucharist is certainly not even respected. I am sure Jesus understands all of our limitations including my own. Mine are forever before me. My original post was about my devote friend truly believing that Jesus is not part of the Godheadbut the first created brother n all that I basically have been taught to believe in as the one true faith is skewed in the sect. Out of friendship n charity I sought others gentle thoughts all the while knowing, believing n offering prayers of love to God for her special heart n entire self. Gods blessings to all that read this. Amen. Beehopefull

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