The Mormon God is a Spaceman!

From the April 1971 issue of the New Era, the LDS church’s official magazine for teens and young adults. This is fantastic stuff!

God and Jesus are from outer space!

“Anyone interested in intelligent beings on other worlds ponders the obvious question: Could a person from outer space ever come to earth? Any Latter-day Saint knows the answer. Of course visitors from outer space can come to earth! They’ve been doing it for six thousand years! God and angels visited Adam. Visitations of God the Father and his Son Jesus Christ to the earth are recorded in the Old and New Testaments, as well as visitations by angels. The Book of Mormon has numerous accounts of visitations. The Father and the Son visited Joseph Smith in 1820. Space travel seems to be quite common!”

Moroni travelled to earth to visit Joseph Smith via an efficient teleporter beam!

“In our temporal existence, we may not be able to travel to worlds beyond our solar system, but other beings in other phases of existence are not so limited. The gospel has been taught in every dispensation by space travel. True, the visitors do not use rocket ships—they have more efficient means. When Moroni returned to heaven after one of his visits to Joseph Smith, Joseph “saw, as it were, a conduit open right up into heaven, and he ascended till he entirely disappeared.”

Did magic mushrooms exist in Joseph Smith`s time?

The author of that article didn`t even get the name of the first manned lunar lander right: it was Eagle.
Intrepid II is science fiction; and that article is fantasy. :shrug:

I guess the Mormon’s are not worshiping the One True God, because God doesn’t live in outer space or on another planet.

Then again, what problems will this make for Mormon’s when humans do successfully travel to other worlds with space ships? Instead of dying to get to heaven they’ll just take the next 747 Spacejet.

Don’t Catholics (and Baptists, Lutherans, etc.) also believe in “space” travel, since it is said that Jesus ascended into heaven?

God Is.

Jesus ascended into heaven to the Father through the Holy Spirit.

All His being is of God, in God, for God, the state of “I Am”…

I have heard this kind of thing before, but the fact that they just lay it out so clearly in their own publication like that is to be congratulated. Even if you’re a heretic, at least be a committed one.:wink:

In all seriousness, though, this sounds more like Scientology than Christianity.

While I can’t speak for Baptists or Lutherans, Catholic teaching says that Jesus ascended into heaven, but how exactly that happened is not known. In Mark, Jesus was “received up into heaven”, in Luke he was “carried up into heaven”, and in Acts “He was lifted up while they were looking on, and a cloud received Him out of their sight” (All from the NASB). We don’t know whether some sort of portal opened up between our world and heaven, or if it just “happened” in an instant. However, I think we can safely say that Jesus did not have to travel through what we know as “outer space” in order to return to the Father.

I’m sure Jesus did not have to travel in outer space, but whether He did or not, is an open question.

A very fundamental doctrine to understand is that God is not a creature, and exists outside of what He has created. All of space, everything that entails, is created. So no, God is not living in space and teleporting around, or traveling on beams of light (that is the one I was taught in Mormon seminary) There isn’t a divine interstellar system of travel that we just haven’t discovered.

God exists outside of what we call space, therefore, heaven is not a place that anyone is going to be traveling to at warp speed. That is as silly as ancient civilizations thinking they could build a structure tall enough to reach heaven.

Please don’t ridicule Mormon teachings. They have their reasons for believing what they do, which actually seem sensible to them. Our job is to provide a patient, sober response to their claims, which means taking them seriously as a worldview different from our own, and then responding to it from a distinctly Catholic worldview. Pegging their god as a “spaceman” is not an inroad to meaningful dialogue. What matters is not where their god lives, but the nature of their god. It is not about whether their beliefs are weird, but whether they are true and in conformity with Christ.

The kids should ask:
Where are those visitors from outer space nowadays, why they are not coming to visit us any more? or are they afraid of our cameras! :wink:

My wife and I, married 20+ years, have had very few fights during our marriage. One of our first was an argument, (that lasted well into the wee morning) about Jesus being a product of extraterrestial intervention. My wife and I still refer to the argument as the “Jesus was an alien fight”. I think there was a “Twilight Zone” episode about this…

Consider science for a moment. If travelling at the speed of light were possible, how long it would take for a visitor from a “nearby star” to reach earth… Personally, in my opinion, I think God put us so far away from anything else in the universe as to protect us from this type of contact. and vice-versa.

By the way, at the time of the “Jesus was an alien fight”, I took the position that Jesus could indeed have been an alien hybrid… I guess I was an idiot.

Wormholes may allow “faster-than-light” travel without actually travelling faster than the speed of light.

By the way, at the time of the “Jesus was an alien fight”, I took the position that Jesus could indeed have been an alien hybrid… I guess I was an idiot.

The “alien hybridity of Jesus” thesis is not part of traditional Christian doctrine.

However, some Catholics and other Christians have speculated that the Second Person of the Trinity may have incarnated on other planets, as a way to save extra-terrestrial species. If true, that would imply that the Holy Spirit is active on other planets. If that is true, then that would imply the the Holy Spirit – insofar as it is active on other planets – is “extra-terrestrial”. And since the H.S. played a part in Mary’s conception of Jesus, one could (in this limited sense) speak of Jesus being the result of “alien” activity.

Sure, okay. But in the argument I was involved in, there is a distinction between extra terrestrial intervention (aliens) and Holy Spirit intervention (God). There could be a misunderstanding, interpreting the events such as the Angel Gabriel appearing to Mary, Jesus’ miracles, Jesus’s ascension into heaven, etc… as power from beings from another world, universe… which because of their mysterious and supernatural nature would be taken a god-like.
It was God who enacted these events. God wouldn’t need spaceships or wormholes, and wouldn’t be subject to physical limitations.

The whole notion that extra terrestials were responsible for Jesus, or all the other biblical events, flys in the face of God, suggesting that it is a race of superior beings pulling our strings, not the will of God…

Or that this extra terrestial entity knows something we don’t, or can’t, and has a direct communication link to God and is acting as messengers.

The unlikely revelation that aliens exist would be truly frightening.

The LDS church is an American church with roots from day one to the USA!!!
Thinking about this fact… Is/was the USA a breading ground for Satan!?
What is it that the USA has or does that enables Satan to do his work!?


Satan tempts and torments those who are strong, on the right path. The devil doesn’t like dignity and righteousness and will try to undermine it.

Interesting experiencing what is going on with the USA today, don’t you think?

I’ve often wondered that myself - when one looks at the heretical teachings incepted on American soil…
…It makes the few heresies of the first few hundred years after Christ.
…Look like they were lazy.

It seems each and every one of them starts off with a rejection of the Trinity…
…JW’s, Mormons, Christadelphians, SDA’s, WWCOG and the list goes on and on.

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