The Mormons down the Street

Hello Im Isaac and I have a question regarding evangelization. I live in Boise, where large Mormon populations live. Now, on my street there are two main Mormon families, one protestant, and one atheist. These 4 pretty much run the neighborhood, and as a Catholic teen I do not feel very welcome. Also I constantly see Mormon missionaries and find Jehovah’s Witness literature at nearby bus stops.(I have already collected 2 Watchtower magazines, and thrown them away, and then added a New World Translation of Holy Scriptures to my Koran and Book of Mormon in my library). Lastly there is a family who
se parents are atheist and whose boy my age claims to be Christian but is anticatholic and very racist and hateful and not really Christian.
I know that spreading the gospel and fighting the enemy’s influence is God’s command, but how do I do it in this case? This is more complicated than it seems so let me take you on a trip into the ugly politics of this neighborhood.
The anticatholic boy sees me as his best friend even though I dont like to hang out with him. He hates everyone else on the block including his parents. The atheist family and one of the Mormon families is in bitter rivalry with my family, with all the kids and parents strongly disliking each other; The two enemy families here are good friends with each other. Across the street from them is another very conservative Mormon family who is very good friends with my family. They ignore every one else with the exception of us and the other Mormon family, having a faith similarity. The friends of ours teach their kids strong discipline, strong faith in Mormonism, and rigid but pretty good morals. As for the Jehovah’s Witnesses, I am unable to locate them. I can only pick up their literature.
So I’d like to combat all these spiritual threats, but its very socially complex. How can I carefully go about this? Thanks for answering.

I wish I had a good answer for you, but all I know to do is pray. I will keep you in my prayers. I would be proud to be your mom, and I am sure your parents are very impressed with you. God bless you!

You know what, man? I think you ought to just lay low. You gotta live there, make your life there, at least for now. You seem pretty young. Don’t ruffle too many feathers.

it sounds like the odds are against you , actually much of what you have far surpasses
the whole neighborhood, you have people praying for you and your family plus you have
2000 years of truth embedded in your soul , as another reply said lay low-- live by example. God bless!

I agree with On The Hill. Your time has not yet come.

St. Francis said, “Preach the Gospel at all times and, if necessary, use words.” Your actions will do more. That one kid likes you so find something to like in him and be his friend. You don’t have to hang with him 24-7. Just be kind.

You are young so don’t think you are indestructable. Pray to St. Michael to guard you against the wickeness of the devil.

I’m not sure about the non-believers you posted about but the Mormon story I can relate to. I’ve lived in Salt Lake for 22 years now and the best thing to do with them is be polite. They are a nice group of folks but are mislead. Acknowledge them and if they cant do the same back then its on them. We will pray for you and them also (as well as the non-believers) so keep strong.

I also agree with On The Hill. Be a good example of what a faithful Catholic is. Don’t argue; just be kind and loving. The Mormons won’t know what to make of you because they are taught that Catholics have a shallow and empty ritual-only religion and don’t behave well and don’t love their families like Mormons do. They get very confused (like evangelicals do) when they run into a Catholic who really loves God, is moral, knows his religion and knows the bible. It shakes up their pre-conceived notions and might just get them wondering what else they get wrong.

Good luck and God be with you,
Paul (formerly LDS, now happily Catholic)

Keep on practicing your faith and live at peace with everyone, as Paul says to do. Be polite and respectfully. Politely decline their evangelization attempts towards you. Stop hanging out with this racist person.

I would also advise that you learn your faith. The best defense against lds is to truly know your faith

And if you do flare up a bit and take a (verbal) swipe at one of them, let your folks know about it so they’re not blind-sided by a neighbor’s comment.

Wow Issac - that’s quite a neighborhood. My mormon family, and the Catholics next door, the protestants down the street, and the agnostics and athiests get together and have neighborhood barbeques. We swap babysitting and housesitting (and recipes) with the Catholics. We even joke back and forth about baptizing each other’s livestock, and sending attack missionaries over.

I wonder why my neighborhood is so friendly and yours seems so confrontational. We even have different politics.

I do know that about the only thing you can do about it, is live your life as a disciple of Christ as best you can. You can’t change your neighbors, your friends, even your family. But you can let your light shine, and that can have an influence on people.

So from a mormon - my advice to you is to be the best Catholic you can.

Maybe the racist and hate filled boy is the one who needs him. Maybe the Lord has brought this boy to him on purpose.
My advice is pray for this boy, remain his friend, do not be afraid to correct him in charity when he is being offensive. Be an example of Christ’s goodness, reflect our Lord even when he is being offensive about your faith. Remember St Paul, his hatred was turned into love by Christ, lean on Christ in this situation. God bless you.

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