The Mormons Turned On Me


In all my years as a Mormon I can’t remember ever being encouraged to snub anyone for any reason. On the other hand, Mormons beat the heck out of other religions, particularly Catholics, during Sunday School and especially during their priesthood meetings.


Do they regularly talk trash about Catholics during their meetings? What do they say? Never once have I heard a Catholic priest or anyone else at any Catholic gathering so much as mention anything about any other religion.


Thank you. As an LDS, have you found that some of the wards have a different environmental culture to it? Like some parishes are more conservative than others?


I would not say regularly but they do it often. The things they talk about cover the spectrum. I would say what I heard most revolves around 1 Nephi 14 when they talk about the great and abominable church and how that is clearly the Catholics. They make fun of the rosary and are aghast at the concept of transubstantiation. The pope gets ridiculed often.


All wards are the same of their purpose, nonetheless it has real people who are different in their own way.


When that happens to me online or in person, I invite those participating in such behavior to attend Mass at their local Catholic parish and learn the truth about our beliefs for themselves. I also pray for them.


Honestly their concept of the afterlife is rather comforting (albeit… different), and that’s what made my boyfriend and me agree to meeting with them again after a year. That and there family-centered, wholesome atmosphere. Not saying all members are like that, but they definitely seem to strive towards that sort of lifestyle. My boyfriend (who isn’t Catholic but always goes to Mass with me when I go and says he misses it) is still really attracted to them for that.
However, they don’t believe in the Trinity (the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are three separate divine people working towards the same goal), they believe the Bible is corrupted (not sure how else to put it) from being tampered with and translated too many times, the church teaches abortion could be excused if it’s in cases like incest and rape and after talking to the bishop (roughly equivalent to a Catholic priest I think). There’s counseling with the bishop if you think you’ve done something super wrong, but there’s not the concept of the Sacrament of Reconciliation like in the Catholic Church. Also their services are super different and a lot longer.
Overall there seems to be legitimate good there, but the further I got into it the more I realized I honestly do have deeply held beliefs about the Church that aren’t just going to go away because another religion has a nicer atmosphere or afterlife doctrine. It isn’t really that simple.


The Mormon concept of afterlife denies the oneness of God. Including their own teaching of three gods with one purpose.

I grew up LDS, my entire family and extended family, over a hundred people, are Mormon. Mormon families are just as dysfunctional as non-Mormon families. They (we) just keep a smooth surface going, especially while at church.

Honestly, the closeness of families who attend Mass together, are more admirable to me than Mormon families. Perhaps we are both projecting our own idealism.

(I am Catholic, the only Catholic in my entire family.)


Oh sure, because it’s America’s fault…wait a minute…


The whole deal with three Heavens isn’t comforting, what if I’m a good Mormon, and my wife is a lax Mormon?


Then it kind of sucks for your wife. You’ll be rewarded with plenty of good wives and won’t miss her.


I know it’s wrong I laughed at that, but I did.


I need to behave.


What Lemuel said is the way it would be according to the Mormons I spoke to. You’d be a god rewarded with numerous wives and ruling your own kingdom and your wife that you’d had on this earth, unless you’d previously been sealed to her for eternity, wouldn’t be a part of it.


@adamhovey1988 @lemuel the way the missionaries explained it to me was people in higher heavens can visit people in lower heavens. So if your wife goes to heaven 2 but you’re in 1 you could go see her. But y’all wouldn’t be married anymore unless you got sealed in a temple.


@Lemuel is a former Mormon (If I recall correctly)


Definitely not arguing, just saying how it got told to me and kind of curious about what his input as a former Mormon would be. I genuinely believe that the missionaries mean well, but I’m also pretty sure they sugar coat things, and when my boyfriend asked about becoming gods, they said that was “deeper doctrine” that we weren’t ready to talk about yet.


It’s what they call “milk before meat”. You’re not mature enough to understand the principle of becoming a God.


I’m pretty sure they actually said something exactly along those lines about nonmembers and non-Endowed members going to the temple.


As a former Mormon, I’m probably going to Heaven 3. I just hope I don’t get the room next to the noisy ice machine.

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