The most dangerous show on television

MTV’s controversial new series, Skins, portrays teens as experimental and sex-obsessed, lying to their parents and sneaking out at night. In other words, it shows them as they really are.

What are your opinions on this? Do you think it is alright since it is airing on a cable network as opposed to broadcast television? Other thoughts? I am not going to debate, I am just curious what others think of this.

I think it is unfair to say that the show shows teenagers “as they really are”. Not all teenagers are like that and it’s unfair to generalise.

I’ve seen the UK version of the show and I will say it does show how emotionally torn apart these people are how their use of alcohol and drugs and sex causes them problems and damages them. It’s not a show that pretends these things don’t harm people but I don’t know to what extent the US version will be the same as the UK one.

I wasn’t the one who said it shows teens as they really are, that was a quote from the article. I apologize I didn’t use quotation marks.

Oh okay, I am sorry.

‘‘As they really are.’’ I am a teenager and I do not do any of these things.

A few years ago I watched some of the UK version, it was filthy, disgusting. And I do not see why the American version would be any different.

Cops, Policewomen of Dallas etc, Locked Up, Addicted, Bait Car, Homicide, Sixteen and Pregnant - also show how some young adults are.

Other series programs then glamorize illegal drug use, underage drinking, unchastity, sexual experimentation, etc.

I believe this phenomenon is known as “faulty pattern recognition”.

Yeah its dangerous in that look at jersey shore and teem mom. America had a good laugh and made fun of them, and then kinda started to like them and turn them into celebrities. And now they are household names, and very trendy.

Most of tv is sewage, and the average american eats it up. The world will never get better.

I totally agree with you Celtic. I can’t stand most TV. There are a few channels that I occasionally watch. Most of the time when I am at home by myself, I’d prefer to be on the computer reading about religion. However, when I do turn the TV on, it is almost always to something like EWTN or The Weather Channel. There is, of course, the rare occasion when I can find an older movie on the TV or some movie that I’ve never even heard of that doesn’t glamorize gross immorality but the truth is, the vast majority of what I see on TV appears to glamorize gross immorality! I hate it. I’ve gotten to the point where the only reason I keep my cable is because its the only television I can get here in my apartments. If I didn’t have cable, I wouldn’t be able to watch EWTN. There is a Christian service out there called Sky Angel that looks interesting but last I checked, it either requires a satellite dish or its extremely expensive otherwise. All well, maybe eventually the culture will change and gross immorality won’t be glamorized in the popular media so much.

We need to pray for America… We need to pray fervently for the conversion of America. Fast and pray.

Now… Why ANYONE watches MTV or listens to anything that ANYONE on MTV says is BEYOND me. The garbage networks of MTV and BET (both owned by Viacom) are death-worshipers and promote a culture of death. They cleverly sprinkle embellishments on great evils to make them look fun, they try to be emphatic about garbage like marijuana and premarital sex and pseudo-erudite-spirituality prattle and hold very liberal and often anti-Catholic positions.

You probably empower that junk with your apprehension. When I was 16 or 17, the UK Skins came on and, despite being nowhere near as close to God as I am these days, I saw straight through it as sensationalist, tabloidistic junk… and I think the majority of people do so. Also, your view of teenagers is warped.

Your opinion is not the truth for everyone.

I work in the media. I monitor it almost every day. These shows don’t create themselves. There are executive planning sessions, story meetings with writers and producers, budget discussions, and so on. This is all carefully planned.

Some young people are going to buy in to this to some degree. The current trend on TV is the Dysfunctional.

Grey’s Anatomy is one seriously messed up show. Everything in life is just shades of grey, and apparently, lots of extramarital sex. Filth is the defining characteristic.


Your right these things are planned down to the last detail.Don’t watch Grey’s Anatomy.I was NCIS, Without a Trace, Criminal Minds and a few other shows like Bravo’s Top Chef and their fashion designer shows and various PBS shows.I like seeing how the chefs create things from various ingredients,and it’s interesting to see what goes in to designing clothing.I’m interested in mainly historical costumes,but since I work part time in retail, I’ve noticed how sometimes designs borrow from other periods in time to create their fashions. I enjoy the murder mysteries on PBS,and the forgein news they show on I think Sundays with news from Europe… Jersey Shore and so many of these shows are just trash,and I’m no prude.The way society is going, we might as well bring back the Rome Coluesium and their bloody games.

What’s wrong with being a prude?


If being a prude means being a good Catholic then I will wear that label with great pride. (I know, I know lol) :blush:

:eek: :bigyikes::signofcross:

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I work in the media. I monitor it almost every day. These shows don’t create themselves. There are executive planning sessions, story meetings with writers and producers, budget discussions, and so on. This is all carefully planned.

How could any self respecting person sit in a meeting and say things like ‘let’s throw in a preteen sex scene there and a few drug taking scenes here’ and live with themselves?


Money, money, money. People will do a lot of things they never thought they would do until they see they can profit from it.

I read that apparently MTV are facing child pornography charges due to the featuring of minors. One actor is as young as 15 and the young age of the actors may violate US child pornography laws. The age of consent in the UK is 16, but in the US it is 18 causing legal difficulties the UK series did not face.

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