The most hated family in America?


I saw this film, some in America may already be aware of them. They believe that they should protest at funerals of dead soldiers (from the Iraq war) because the families are worshipping the dead

They also believe that those soldiers died defending a corrupt/evil nation which supports homosexuality.


shes a nutbar, Sean Hannity tried to debate her several times.

She makes christians look bad.


FoxNews did a few stories about them.

Detestable. Deplorable. Horrible.


I can only agree with her insofar as homosexuality is a sin, but how she extrapolates that dead American soldiers is worshipping dead people, is truly strange.

The link was sent to me by an atheist Canadian friend of mine who gets two digs in one; against Americans and religious people!


I watched all the parts of the documentary, and frankly I was disgusted. Talk about cherry-picking - they ignore 99% of the bible which portrays God as a loving father who wants his children to be in heaven with him. :mad:

Thank God we don’t have anything like that in Australia.


They are nuts, hateful as can be and the total antithesis of what it means to be a follower of Jesus.



I see no relation to their anti-gay stance and their protests at funerals!


What does “42!” mean? (Sorry, but little things like this bug me until I find out!):o


42 is the answer to the universe. It’s from a book, if that’s what he was referring to.


That’s right!

And I should know, eh. :rolleyes:


I watched several of the posted reports, and frankly I am astounded.

It saddens me to see how judgmental these people are, and in truth we are not fit to judge them either. I feel the more severely we judge our neighbors the more severely we can expect to be judged ourselves.

Lord have mercy!


This group is beyond evil with their methods that does nothing but hurt the Christian message. God hates no one, but has compassion for all us that struggle with sin.

Their methods cripples honest debates on sensitive issues.


It works like this: they’re American soldiers, America is a nation which enables and supports homosexuals, and God, well, hates fags. There’s also a, I believe, and a couple others – and many, many parody sites ( is a good one).

Westboro Baptist Church is comprised almost entirely of Fred Phelps’ family, though a few of his children have managed to break off from it (leading to condemnations and claims they’re damned from the church). I read a long biographical article on Phelps a while back; the man is a dangerous, abusive lunatic. If a tenth of the things in that article are true, he should’ve been locked up long ago.

It isn’t just soldiers’ funerals they protest; they also showed up at Matthew Shepard’s funeral, and have a counter on their webpage reading off the number of days he’s been in hell. They were planning to picket the funerals for those Amish kids who were killed at school a while back, but I believe they called that one off. Right now they’re saying they’ll be at the funerals of the victims of the Virginia Tech shootings.


It’s from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. 42 is the answer to the riddle of the universe but everyone forgot what the question was so it’s useless.

As for this family, a bit odd.


If there is such thing as collective insanity, this bunch has it. What is sad is that they are infecting innocent children with it. Sad.:mad:

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