The most important thing to you


Is it really saving your soul?
Or getting to Heaven?
Or trying to repay God somehow?
Or living the best possible Christian life you can?

Try convincing those in poverty, that money is not the most important thing in life.
To those in wheelchairs and very ill, that health is not the most important thing.
To those who have done awful things in the past, that feeling truly forgiven is not their obsession
To those living under oppression, that freedom is not the most important.


If we are truly honest with ourselves, happiness in this life is very important.


For me it is doing what I am supposed to do.
And that is not always clear to me.


Money or lack of ,is obsessing me at the moment. And the prospect of having less and less each year in the future. I do care about my future in this life too you know. :slight_smile:


Is it the money or the convenience it brings?


Travel, fixing the house, paying bills, not becoming homeless, eating at a nice restaurant now and then.
And all the anxiety that comes with it That is probably the worst part.
Now I sound like I’m really moaning here, when people are much worse off than me.


You sound like me. If I were single I could manage living in a garage…well maybe not.


losing that independence is scary. I hate to think I might have to sponge off my partner or even siblings. there is just no way I can do that.


I think there is a show on tv tonight or Sunday Abc or sbs ,not sure ,about some Australian millionaires putting themselves in the homeless people’s shoes literally for some time and how it affects them .
You might be interested to watch it.


Best rule of thumb,don’t spend what you don’t have.
You can always start downscaling ,become used to having less and being grateful truely for what you do have GC.
Often as people age they pick up on old hobbies they have always loved, and they can actually become a profitable venture.


saving my immortal soul is the "most important thing to “me” "

a difficult task


Saving ones soul,getting to heaven and living the best possible Christian (Catholic in my case) life are all the one and the same thing.

The most important thing in my life is to go to Heaven and do my best to help as many as I can to attain that also.Nothing else matters.


Well, other than God, finding myself a girlfriend!


Nothing else matters? I’d be lying if I said that. Creature comforts are something I have come to see as essential. I cant imagine not having my laptop for instance or phone. Certain medication I have for gout. Having a shower every day is something I take for granted.

One of my cheaper hobbies is using the local library. Running a car. I need a car to do my part time job. And it really adds to a quality of life I have grown accustomed to. Now If I was a hardcore Christian, I would have to say I don’t need any of that. But I’m nowhere near hardcore. I’m soft.


Sell all your possessions and follow me?
What about all my technology? And my car? And my guitar? Yeah my guitar would be a real loss.


Sounds good to me


For me dong God’s will is actually the most important thing in life. It’s not easy and I can’t say I dont battle against my own will and things of the world or other. Happiness is not the most important thing, in fact it doesnt really matter much, but I find the less it matter the more it is given anyway. God is that good and that loving that even if it’s not something we really strive for He gives it anyway. I don’t consider going to Heaven the most important thing, because if I do God’s will to the best of my ability then I trust in God’s mercy and know He will take care of me and will keep me with Him.

As for possessions, I dont believe we are all called to give up everything and follow him, some may well be and that will be tricky possibly and that is likely why He in His infinite wisdom would ask such a thing. Most of us should be prepared to use all our possessions for His glory remembering of course that they are only borrowed and not ours as such but His which He has kindly given us for this life to use for His purpose. While we remember that, it is easier to share what we have for all. So we should use all ‘our’ possessions including our talents and abilities for His greater glory. We should exercise modesty in material possessions and share with those who have less than us.

Your other questions are more complex as it is you who need convincing of those answers, perhaps? not always those people you mention. though perhaps you ask as you may fit in those category’s. Apologies if I offend I do not mean to. Remember only that God is closest to the suffering which is in some way all of those people you mention and all they need is to trust in Him. He knows what is best for them and would not have allowed them to be in those situations if it were not best for them and the Universal church. Do not be tempted to think in terms of life ending with this physical life, life does not end here…so this suffering which we endure here is but a blink in time. God does not abandon these people, they may abandon Him, but He is with them. There physical body may endure suffering but their souls can and often do move ever closer to Him. Don’t assume the suffering are lost or are useless just because society looks on them as such, they are redeeming the so called ‘successful’ of our culture. We should be thanking them for their sacrifice.


What? Following me instead of Jesus Christ?


Blue bright. Quality post.
It never ceases to amaze me that there are actually Christians out there seeking to do the will of God, ahead of their own happiness here on Earth. People like you improve the value of the Catholic/Christian brand. Keep up the good work.


Yes Good Catholic I will follow you if that is what floats your boat!!!:grin:

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