the mother god rosary

doing a search on rosary mediations i found this
with adapted prayers here

since the word catholic means univeral they are even calling their rosary “Catholic” and they are using images of Our Lady with their “rosary”

all i can say is that i hope Our Lady will lead them to Jesus when they pray this.

prayer example:
Hail Mary, fount of Grace
All Godhead is Thee
Blessed art Thou by all maidens
And blessed is Thy love’s first fruit, Thy daughter,
Holy Mary, Mother and God,
Shelter us fallen ones now and at the hour of hour death.

It’s a disgusting perversion of our faith by people with no respect for our church. Just one more attack by Satan trying to vilify what is good and true into something of an ugly mockery.

That is pure evil. I’m not even sure it’s a good idea to have it here on this forum.



This is a good thing for us Catholics. It shows the difference between adoration of Mary (those imposters) and veneration of Mary (us Catholics). It also shows the difference between praying to a saint (those imposters) and asking for a saint’s intercession (us Catholics).

this is horrible :frowning:

Lord have mercy!!

It’s tragic that someone is taking something so holy and precious, something of Heaven, like the Rosary… and turning it into something evil. That’s definitely the work of the devil.


when will satan start reading the bible and get it once and for all.

“The gates of hell will not prevail against it”.matthew 16:18

This is utter blasphemy and a perversion of Catholicism. It’s a horrible affront to both God and Mary.

Define good? As an example of what NOT to do, it’s a more than adequate one, but this is NOT good for Catholics at all. Our goal is to save souls, and these people are most certainly jeopardizing theirs not only with idolatry, but with an idolatry that mocks God’s truth. Not good, not good at all.

Truly it is!!! :mad::mad::mad:
And people are being used! Poor souls…:dts:

That’s why it’s important that the Catholic Faith remained untainted.

Not sure what to think of this website, I’m not entirely sure this is actually maintained by Catholics, look at the front page and there is a picture of this “mother goddess”.

I think they added this to their doctrine that one of the forms of this “mother goddess” is to be linked to Mary as one of these forms of this “goddess”…it disgusts me. :mad:

There is one Mother God, for She is the Absolute, and there can no more be two Absolutes than a circle can have two centres. And yet She has many Names and many faces, representing Her infinite fecundity and the multiplicity of her Divine Powers and Graces.

Twenty years ago when our family was still Episcopalian my kids in Jr High were ebing taught by a woman who wanted to use this as the curriculum…Cakes for the Queen of Heaven…and the Canon of the Cathedral, the priest in charge, thought it was a great idea.
The ladies studies group wanted me to order books for them. I was manager of the Bookstore there. The book they wanted was called Dreaming the Dark by Starhawk.
I refused to buy it for them. They got it elsewhere. The group was sanctioned by the Bishop of Oklahoma.

And people wonder why we left the Episcopal church.:shrug:

I guess some people prefer female gods. :confused:

What I meant was, the next time someone accuses Catholics of worshipping Mary or praying to saints, we can use those imposters who pray to a mother god as a way of showing them we do not worship Mary or pray to saints.

it isn’t a catholic website.
i am showing a perversion of the catholic rosary by this site.

looks like a site dedicated to Goddess Worship. I’ll pray a real roasry for those people.

Pagan trash.

Kyrie eleison!!!

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