The Mother of God


Here is a beautiful story taken from
The Glories of Mary
by St. Alponsus Liguori

Mary, Mother of Our Hope:
Blessed John Herold, who out of humility called himself the Disciple, relates that there was a married man who lived at enmity with God. His wife, who was a virtuous woman, being unable to engage him to give up sin, begged him, in the wretched state in which he was, to practise at least the devotion of saluting our Blessed Lady with a ‘Hail Mary’ each time that he might pass before her picture. He began to do so. One night this wretched man was on his way to commit a crime, when he perceived a light at a distance ; he drew near to see what it was, and found that it was a lamp burning before a devout picture of Mary holding the child Jesus in her arms. He at once, according to custom, said the ‘Hail Mary.’ In the same moment he beheld the Divine Infant covered with wounds, from which fresh blood was streaming. Terrified, and at the same time moved to compassion at this sight, he reflected; that it was he who by his sins had thus wounded his Redeemer. He burst into tears ; but the Divine Infant turned His back to him. Filled with shame, he appealed to the most Blessed Virgin, saying : "Mother of Mercy, thy Son rejects me ; I can find no advocate more compassionate and more powerful than thee, for thou are His Mother ; my Queen; do thou help me, and **intercede **for me.’ The most Blessed Virgin, speaking from the picture, replied : ’ You sinners call me Mother of Mercy, but at the same time you cease not to make me a Mother of Sorrows, by crucifying my Son afresh and renewing my sorrows.’ By as Mary can never let anyone leave her feet disconsolate, she began to implore her Son to pardon this miserable wretch. Jesus continued to show Himself unwilling to do so. The most Blessed Virgin, seeing this, placed Him in the niche, and prostrating herself before Him, said : ’ My Son, I will not leave thy feet until Thou hast pardoned this sinner.’ ’ My Mother,’ then said Jesus, ’ I can deny thee nothing; thou willest that he should be forgiven, for love of thee I pardon him ; make him come and kiss My wounds.’ The sinner, sobbing and weeping, did so; ; and has he kissed them the wounds were healed;. Jesus then embraced him, as a mark of forgiveness ; and he changed his life, which from that time was one of holiness; and he always preserved the most tender love and gratitude towards this Blessed Virgin, who had obtained him so great a grace.

“There is one small favor I would ask of you,” she said. “Do not refuse me.”
“Ask it, my mother,” the King said to her, “for I will not refuse you.”

~ 1 Kings 2:20

God Bless


Thank you for sharing. Gives all of us sinners much to ponder.


You are welcome. I highly recommend the Seven Sorrow devotion, which I imagine you are already familiar with.


I’ve started this devotion for about a week now.
The devotion can be found here:


Thank you Water for the web link for the Novena. It is a beautiful prayer and so insightful regarding the sorrows of Our Blessed Mother.:slight_smile:


That is a beautiful story!!!

One can see Jesus taking on the same role He played with the Canaanite woman, when He told her, “It is not right to take the food of the children and throw it to the dogs.” The Infant Jesus in your story is testing the wretched man, as if he’s testing his faith. You could almost hear the man, and then Mary say, “Please, Lord, for even the dogs eat the scraps that fall from the table of their masters.”


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