The Mothman Sightings

Does the Church have an explanation/stance on the Mothman?

As a Catholic what do you think?

I’m surprised you’ve heard of it…There are all kinds of myths/storys around these parts. There are “potterows” and “the bunnyman”…mostly hunting camp storys to get the young ones tucked in at night. Either that or it is all because of bad cider.

Personally I believe in the Mothman, but I tend to look at “it” as some sort of Demoic Being with prophetic powers.

Definitely NOT not something a devout Catholic Chrsitan should become involved with.

That’s my take on it. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

That’s not that far of a stretch as some demons have this ability.

Wasn’t he the Tick’s sidekick?


Why should it?

The Mothman stories appear credible at first glance. I have a book by author John Keel that mentions strange lights along with sightings of the Mothman. However, as the years passed, Mr. Keel has lost a lot of credibility with me, and part of that concerns his association with author Gray Barker, who published a magazine during the 1960s about UFOs.

The appearance of the Mothman is meant to somehow be a warning of the coming collapse of the Silver Bridge at Point Pleasant, WV on December 15, 1967. Nothing demonic about this one, just a collection of stories that point to something sinister at best, or fiction at worst.


I liked The Mothman Prophercies, it was a pretty good film.

As far as the stories go, I only find the original story involving the Train to have any real creedence to it. And frankly It was either coincidence or divine intervention, the actual mothman doesn’t exist. What they saw was the shadow of a large Moth that looked like an Angel due to being blown up by the train’s floodlights.

Is Mothman still around?

I was something of a UFO buff back in the '80s - read every book at the local public library I could find on the subject of UFOs and aliens. Mothman was one of those classic cases from the '60s or '70s. But by the '90s it seemed most sightings were of the little grey men with bug eyes who abduct people. So I thought most of the other aliens weren’t visiting Earth anymore.

I certainly believe that if the “Mothman” or any similiar entity exists that it is either a demon or some unknown creature. I am quite confident that it is NOT an angel certainly not a good angel. Holy Angels do not bring devastating, fear and dread. In the same way that I believe that UFOs are either Military experimental craft or demonic representations. This includes the so called “abductions” etc and the stories of the grey classic “Alien” sightings. I draw this conclusion from recent reading on Alistair Crowley and his drawings of the so called “Alien” that he was in contact with called LEM. I certainly do not believe in Aliens from other planets. I do believe in UFOs because I have seen things that I cannot explain myself but I do not believe they are from another planet.

As a Catholic, or, rather, as a skeptical human being, I do not believe there is enough evidence to support this theory.

I think it’s a hoax myself.

Hoax or not. Between Mothman, zombies, seriel murderers and things that go bump in the night—I do not go out late at night to check on the horses in the pasture. :wink:

I’ve only heard of Mothman because of the movie. I haven’t heard of “potterow” but I actually have heard of the bunnyman, actually for the first time the other day. I think urban legends are interesting.

Myths interest me I find them to have a grain of truth sometimes.

As I said in previous threads, I believe the supernatural has only two sources: God and Satan. I tend to believe that most of this “paranormal phenomena” is demonic in nature, and this includes poltergeist activity, UFOs, and, yes, even cryptozoology. Could some of these cryptids be undiscovered species? I think so. However, I think the mothman might a demonic invention or a demon in disguise. Judging by the sightings and the overwhelming fear that accompanies them, I think there is no doubt that the mothman is of the devil.

This is a chilling quote from a sighting in the first link.

"In the forest. Wile I was looking a dead dog fell from a tree. It had a huge hole in his stomach and there was no blood coming out. I looked up and saw it, the big red eyes, the green head, the huge blue and yellow wings. It hissed something that sounded like ‘fresh blood’ and flew away.

Well if he does exist and I ever run into him I’ll head in the other direction. The movie was pretty scary but I would be inclined to think such a creature would be demonic rather then of GOD.

What, pray tell, is ‘supernatural’ about UFOs? I’m not suggesting that I believe in them, but if they do exist they would simply be *natural *not supernatural.:confused:

The theory that they are demonic has been advanced by several posters over the last few months I’ve noticed. I myself believe in life elsewhere in the universe but am rather unconvinced by UFOs. but I don’t consider them demonic, simply for the most part easily explainable away as rogue weather ballons, landing lights on planes etc. etc.

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