The movie End of Days

Is the movie End of Days according to what the Church says about the end of the world? It had a whole ton of Catholicism in it but it seemed strange since I have never heard about a baby being born with a symbol on her that meant the devil was going to have an evil child with her. (Sorry if this is in the wrong place. I saw someone post something about For Greater Glory so I supposed it was okay to ask this question here.)

Well, it just seems that if you are going to make a movie involving demons or the devil these days, there’s a requirement that you include a pregnant woman who is going to give birth to the antichrist. I guess it isn’t “epic” enough if you just have a plain old demon that has to be dealt with.

Oh, I forgot to advise everyone to avoid the movie as it has some possible occasions of sin and the Lord’s Name in vain in it (I think). Probably that should have told me it wasn’t really a Catholic movie.

Ironically I felt personally more insulted by the “I believe” moment…

And obviously the fact it starred Arnold Schwarzenegger is the biggest hint it’s not exactly an appropriate film…

In Roger Ebert’s review of the movie, he says: ``End of Days involves a head-on collision between the ludicrous and the absurd…" which sums it up beautifully. The full review can be found here.

Thanks for the replies!

I like that movie actually. The good thing about it is that Satan gets defeated and the birth of the Antichrist is prevented. What is wrong with that, its not like Satan defeated God in the ending!. Sounds like a good christian enough movie to me :thumbsup:

Absolutely! Didn’t you know the world is supposed to be saved by a huge Austrian politician? :stuck_out_tongue: I’m just kidding,of course

I have to admit, Arnold vs. the devil seems interesting

I agree. I think it’s pretty clear that the movie is supposed to be fantasy and not intended to be theologically accurate. So I wouldn’t exactly show it in a Faith Formation class, but it’s fun brain candy.

I actually liked the symbolism at the end where the devil is defeated by the sword of Michael the Archangel. Very cool.

If the baby had been born, it could have been a sort of prequel to “The Omen”. The story was interesting anyway, and Gabriel Byrne was a good Satan.

Originally that film was actually concieved as a sequel to Rosemary’s Baby…

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