The movie HUGO - anyone see it? Thumbs up or down?

Thinking of going to see this as a family today. There are 7 of us so we do this once in a very blue moon. If you’ve seen it, what did you think of it? Wondering if seeing it in 2D is good enough… or is the 3D - like I’ve read from some of the reviewers, a must?

Loved it, one of the best of 2011. Thumbs up, way up. :thumbsup:

No swearing, no violence, nothing objectionable - nobody getting killed and shot at like in ‘Rin Tin.’

Hugo is a wonderful family film - and partially based on a true story (not spoiler). See the 3D version - the 3D is much better than the 3D in Avatar.

Thanks very much! :slight_smile:

Here’s the Bishop’s review. They gave it an AII - adults and adolescents.

I’ve not seen the movie yet, but the book is brilliant and is a definite recommendation for a family read. :slight_smile:


My parents took me and my children (ages 11-17) to see it–we each and every one of us really enjoyed it! Sweet movie :slight_smile: Apparently different from the book.

Because of the timing, we saw the 3-D version–first time for all of us, I think. We definitely enjoyed that aspect as well, but the movie itself was so good it can I think it would be very enjoyable without–the 3-D is not *necessary *to the enjoyment of the movie!

Happy New Years!

Mere Comments Review:

We saw it today - LOVED it. The 3D was unbelievable… for me, it added to the story so much. I think I would have enjoyed the movie without the 3D, but I don’t know that I would have LOVED it. It was just fantastic!!!

My father loved it, he said it was excellent. But it was boring for me ONLY because the story was most of the time in the train station. It gets boring when they have the whole movie in the same scenario (same with Red Riding Hood movie, the whole movie in the same place).

I can see why someone might find it a bit boring… I think it was so visually stimulating (the 3D version) … that really helped for me.

yeah, we also watched the 3D version. I lost count of how many sighs I had after the robot was finally finished.
I won’t give it thumbs down, I just found it boring. :wink:

Not for younger kids. Not becuase of content but becuase they just got bored I spent half of the movie out in the lobby chasing my three year old around. My five year old did not like it and some of my friends said the same thing. What I did see was beautiful though.

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