The movie "Jesus"

Has anyone on here seen this movie? Did you like it? Is it in compliance with the teachings of the Catholic Church? :shrug::confused:

Do you have the link for the movie? I have never heard of it.

I believe this is the movie the OP is referring.

It is clearly an evangelical film. However, that does not mean they did not get the essentials correct. I have not seen it, but it can be purchased for about $14 from that site. Apparently, it have been translated into dozens of languages and is used hheavily by many evangelical mission groups.

I too would be interested in hearing from anyone who has seen it.

This is the movie I am referring to:

I have watched the first 25-30 minutes of it and it seemed like a movie that is accurate to the Gospel of Luke from which it is taken. :slight_smile:

Hopefully, youโ€™re not talking about this one:

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