The Movie Prometheus - CA/EWTN's Missed Opportunity

I listen to Immaculate Heart Radio here in San Diego on 1000 AM KCEO. I was listening on the morning of June 8th, 2012 when Brian Patrick (?) had a phone-in movie critic come on the air discussing the movie “Prometheus”, Ridley Scott’s new sci-fi movie that came out that day. During the interview, the critic, in reviewing a movie that had been in the works for some time, and received a great attention to detail by Scott, quickly and demeaningly put the movie down as gibberish, pointless, and not worth seeing, only touching on how an “abortion” scene will motivate the pro-death crowd. The announcer, just basically said he could do without seeing it.

It ended there. Put to death without a chance, on its first day in theatres.

A huge, huge opportunity missed, on part because of the critic’s inability to even understand themes in the movie, and the announcer’s inability to judge something for himself.

It’s not often big Hollywood makes a statement in a secular way against the secular masses. It’s a losing battle, and Ridley Scott’s “Prometheus” will most likely be discounted and marginalized, and drop off the charts.

The movie is perplexing audiences because secular America has become so split away from spiritual America. When the secular get something handed to them in their own language, telling them to re-evaluate their thinking, they just don’t want to understand.

Ridley Scott has made a huge Pro-Life movie in “Prometheus”. It’s hugely filled with Pro-Life and anti-abortion themes. How could Catholic radio possibly, possibly discount this movie in such a quick harsh motion? Ridley Scott is probably shaking his head saying, “I tried, I tried, God knows I tried.” The movie tells the story from the fetus’ perspective in a secular, science fiction manner. It shows the humans, once created by the “Engineers” as finally getting close to their truth, finally coming of age, gestating in their chambers and waking up, finally meeting what they think is their “creator parents” only to be cut short, ignored, not getting their due, being treated as nothing. The humans want to speak with the Engineer, only to be slapped aside like an afterthought.

Just as we are not the true original creators of our babies, niether are the Engineers the true original creators of life, and make the same mistakes of not valuing life as much as we should.

Dr. Shaw, the one Christian, and true survivor, wants to know why “They changed their minds?” Why do they want to kill the human race after taking creating them? Like it doesn’t make sense, she demands to know why. This is huge, if an unborn child could ask it’s aborting mother one question, wouldn’t it be this? “Why are you changing your mind on me? What did I do?” Dr. Shaw is screaming this question at the Engineer with everything she has in her, only to be slapped aside. The Engineer only wants to get her out of his life. He only wants to do his destruction.

There are other huge themes, like the way the crew treats David from the very start, they are downright rude to their creation. David responds, “How would it feel like if your Creator told the same thing to you?” David however, is always is gracious to his human creators. Humans, becoming creators, have lost the ability to see their creation as special and deserving compassion, they treat him worse than a dog. Only Dr. Shaw, the one Christian, treats him with politeness and compassion, even forgiving him and carrying on when he has did her harm. She is the only Christian, she is the only one who keeps her Faith and knows there are reasons even beyond the Engineers existence.

Another Pro-Life theme is the Portable Surgery unit kept in the Executive Officer’s room, it’s the latest technology, and it has no recognition of the concept of abortion. It can do thousands of medical procedures, but doesn’t recognize the concept of abortion. The scene carries through because Ridley Scott probably wanted this point to be made clear. Otherwise, it would have been an awkward fragment. The movie also touches on out of control technology turning on its master.

Too bad, Catholic radio missed a good opportunity. Ridley Scott did this all on secular terms, but the Catholic community should realize not everything is going to be handed over on a silver platter, seize it when it’s there, recognize the gesture and give it it’s due.
Btw, I’m Catholic, I go to Mass, I go to Eucharistic Adoration and Divine Mercy, I read my Catholic Bible that has Maccabees, but I don’t frequent these forums. Thank you.

The movie is a bigger mainstream tool for Theistic Evolutionists, and even for pure Creationists(who are willing to indulge in Science Fiction), than it is for the pro-life movement.

You don’t know how I’ve had to come out and defend the film’s huge criticism of the flaws of Darwinism. It even had a cool joke at Darwin’s expense.

People think the film’s presentation of the Engineers as having human DNA was a “mistake” because they don’t want to believe that DNA can only be fundamentally changed by Mutation and external sources, it doesn’t “evolve” into something elese, it mutates(potentially through the interference of external elements, or intercourse between two differing species of the same animal… even perhaps God, or at the will of God!), but it’s essence actually stays the same(This is scientifically called micro-evolution), which is an Idea that Darwinists hate, despite the fact it has better evidence than Macro-evolution, which is their primary theory(the one they claim is evidenced fact, when there’s no such evidence at all).

Scott’s Engineers being “Human” did NOT equate to them being Homo-Sapien(and that is simply clear by looking at the creatures and accepting Scott’s anti-darwin view), all that Dr Shaw said was that it was 100% match that they had traditional Humanoid DNA, which is also part of us, being two species of the same animal.

They are like the Great Danes, and we are like the little Fox Terriers!

Recalling a bit more, I also have to add this:

Dr Shaw, isn’t the only Christian. Her husband also has the crucifix tattoo on his shoulder. Further, earlier in her dream memories, her father, also a scientist that remained Christian that helped the poor in the third world (Africa?) and died of a disease caught there, I think, is wearing the same crucifix. This is the crucifix that plays a prominent part in the movie. She demands it back when it is taken from her. And when David gives it back to her, he asks, “Even after all this[you still have Faith]?”, and with her it’s an unspoken immediate “given” that she does still have Faith.

When Dr. Shaw has sex with her husband, they don’t use contraception as this later is revealed in her pregnancy question, only then does she reject the alien fetus.

The movie plays on the difference between humans, who are special in God’s eyes, and viruses and parasites, that have no real aspirations, or anything beyond just staying alive and existing no matter what the cost.

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