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Morning CAF,

I watched The Rite last night. It said it was inspired by true events, well there was hardly any grain of truth in it. They got the fact that the priest used to be a mortician right, but it pretty much went down south afterwards.

Theologically speaking I was very disappointed as it does not reflect the Teachings of the Catholic Church accurately. It does not even reflect the Rite of Excorcism accurately as well.

The plot was fine, I guess. But it pretty much was a major disappointed. There was so much wrong with the presentation. A friend and I were watching it, and he remarked that after seeing this, he thinks that priests will not want to study exorcism because of the way it is portrayed in the film.

Anyone else out there who feels the same way that I did.

The movie totally was out of line with the book. I would have to rate it a one. The special effects were pretty cool, but that’s pretty much about it.

I also find it interesting on the back of the DVD to find the following:


Now why would this be?

God bless.

I agree. The movie was overrated.

I have not read the book, and won’t now, so I cannot compare them. But as a film about the sheer horror of demonic activity and the need for preparation to fight it, it fails completely. To me, it was not frightening and presented nothing new, just recycled visual effects from past movies of this genre.

The disclaimer on the DVD case is nothing special. Such limitations are imposed routinely for copyright reasons.

God Bless and ICXC NIKA.

I liked the movie. I don’t know how closely it stuck to actual events but movies usually don’t stick close at all. The term “Inspired by actual events” is a very loose term and a sales gimmick. All they do is throw a few facts into the movie and then go for a good selling story.

It seemed more pro Catholic to me than I’d have expected from hollywood. You have a priest questioning the existence of the Devil, ready to leave the priesthood before he even starts and it ends with him finding his faith and deciding to stay in the priesthood.


I would recommend you reading the book. The movie had nothing to do with the book if indeed very little. This is why I was so disappointed by the movie.

I watched the movie because I had listend to the audio CD’s of it.

God bless.


The second time around is not better. I am seeing more and more how it is portraying the Church and exorcism in general.

God bless.

I did like the plot, it is good.

But I don’t think the real priest questioned his faith. In fact reading his book he wanted to help people and he seemed very solid in his faith. The movie was not faithful to the book at all.

God bless.*

Just a bit of trivia:
The USA and Canada are in DVD Region1
The rest of the world is divided up into Regions 1/2/3 etc. Some DVD players are limited (maybe only in theory?) to one region only.

World Region breakup (Read “Purpose”.):


I did not know that. That’s probably the explanation. Thanks for posting that. It cleared up some mysteries.

God bless.

Personally, I liked the movie. But I wasn’t looking for it to make a big Catholic statement or anything, just watched it for the entertainment value. I like Anthony Hopkins as an actor.

After I watched the movie, I was wondering what happen to a person if he or she died while possess

Possession doesn’t change your salvation status, as I understand; possession affects your human body, not your soul, or your pneumatikon soma.


Q: What happens if you don’t pay the exorcist?

A: You get re-possessed.


^Hahaha! Funny!!

I LOVED the book! I would say read the book and don’t bother with the movie. The book was excellent, and to be honest, really helped my prayer life. It made me realize just how important Marian devotion is. I haven’t seen the movie though. Part of me wants to, but I’m betting that I’ll just wind up wasting time.

I would have to agree Anthony Hopkins is a great actor.

God bless.

Depends on if they died in a state of mortal sin or a state of grace. Posession does not change any things. If a possesed person dies in mortal sin they go to Hell. If they die in a state of grace with temporal punishment still owed, they go to Purgatory. If a possessed person dies in a state of grace with no temporal punishment owed, they go to heaven.

God bless.

If you don’t mind a movie that basically takes so much artistic license with the book and like neat special effects and don’t mind a few mis portrayals of the Church then the movie would not be a waste of time.

I loved the book. I am glad that I read the book first before watching the movie.

God bless.

I thought the film was ok (haven’t read the book but I’m planning to). The church was portrayed in positive terms, which is refreshing.

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