"The Murder of James Foley: What Can We Do?" Response from Catholic News Agency

We can do what Catholics always do when faced with what seems an unbeatable enemy, and what James Foley did when he was put in prison earlier on in another hostile place, this article says. We can turn to Mary and pray the rosary.
see www.catholicnewsagency.com/cw/post.php?id=784

Pope Francis always advocates dialogue. Maybe there should also be daily joint catholic/Muslim prayers held at the Vatican!

Not quite sure I understand this. Invite muslims to participate? Or, Catholics would recite standard muslim prayers?

We must pray and support governmental military action to eradicate the threat that so many want to ignore.

I agree - eradication is the only answer.

Meanwhile, our Attorney General is beginning a legal investigation of the murder. I guess he wants to arrest the killer, read him his rights, bring him to the U.S., provide an attorney at taxpayers’ expense, put him in prison (if found guilty) and let him go in a few years. After all, we released Gitmo terrorists to go back home and begin again to plot how to slaughter as many non-muslims as possible.

I don’t know if my letter will be published in my local church newspaper as I referred people to check out St Francis’ letter to Catholics, written about 1221. He was the saint who left to go to the Middle East to convert the Muslims, and we know he was a most holy saint. He did not garner too much there, but won the esteem of the Sultan. I read that later the Sultan called on him through his assistants when he was dying, but I am not sure if that is a legend.

What i do understand from St. Francis, however, is that we will truly perish if we do not do penance. His letter is quite clear about attachments to things and not to the Lord.

I remember John Paul II saying in response to terrorism, that he lifted up the rosary and said only the rosary and penance will stop terrorism.

I think the answer is for us to be more attached to the Lord, less to things, and work to make Jesus truly our life, and allow Him to minister to our neighbor.

I was thinking how the sexual revolution and the put downs on peers who did not agree with it, were marginalized…and this put down permeated our culture to where we are a divided country with all sorts of problems because people do not generally hold to heart the 10 commandments.

The other answer is to defend the defenseless, especially our Christian brethren

It is coming out that US forces did attempt to rescue him, but it was the wrong place or the wrong time. And the same time, I saw a picture of a headless Christian girl, about 8 or 10, and then being picked up by her relative, possibly her father, looking at the place where her head used to be, his mouth open in tremendous grief and sorrow – horrific shock.

I am praying that because the world is so small now, that all, inspite of the immediate silence by the Muslim and secular worlds, that a resolve will be made to annihilate this most violent and dehumanizing veil of religion.

Will it take prayer, penance, warfare…or just that many more atrocities?

Is there any response from the Muslim religious world? Any condemnation of these unspeakable acts?

Pray for Muslims to seek God and stop this senseless barbarism.

Not yet.

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