The Muslim Group

Zaki made this group.

Join here:

hey thanks :wink:


actually don’t worry about it, the group just got deleted :wink:


Why is that?

Muslim group…please go to Jihad Watch and follow your co-religionists activities.:frowning:

Those are the rules. We all walk on egg shells with every post. Others may defend or debate but nothing here can act against the majority faith.

Ah thanks! And yes, I’ve noticed the “walking on egg shells” around here…

Because the group wasn’t concerning catholicism… :slight_smile:
Because while a muslim group is “not catholic” a jewish group is “catholic”.



ZAKI, I have searched for groups starting by “Jewish” but I couldn’t find any, where you got your assumption from!.


Here it is :thumbsup:

wasalam SAM (it rhymes lollal)

If any Jewish user would like to take charge of this group, it would be okay. I think a Catholic is unworthy of leading a Jewish group, because he’s not a Jew. Not to say Jews are biased. Still, if the Jews would be okay with a insignificant speck of dust to lead their group, than I’ll lead it. God bless!

Bro seriously you are definitely NOT an insignificant speck! You are a good person :thumbsup:


That is not a Jewish group (i.e., teaching the Judaism), and it was created by a Catholic person to bring the Jews to God’s Word.

It’s a Jewish group and it’s not for Jews to learn about Jesus.

I rest my case lol :wink:


I’m disappointed by you…



Because you, Jews, pagans, and all other nations should know about God’s Word…

I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6).

I think we are moving off topic. I was unhappy that there is a jewish group and my muslim group was deleted because it was not “catholic” enough.
But anyway, I’ve gotten over it-sure the site is unfair to muslims-doesn’t make it bad overall.


**Sam_777, that is not the god’s words. They are the words of Jesus. That was right too. He was representing God on earth. No one could come to God except through him. That was also right. But no more. Alas, his own people did not accept him. They did not see the light and the way and the truth. How bad !

It was true that no one could go to father except through him**.

Hey planten I agree with you but can we NOT get off topic? Just mourn with me for a little. I need some support. Some brotherly love.


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