The Myrrh-Streaming Icons of Hawaii

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The Myrrh-Streaming Icons of Hawaii

“By now all our parishioners living in Honolulu have heard about the blessing that has been bestowed on us sinners, unworthy though we may be, by the grace of the Almighty and the love and concern for us by the All Holy Theotokos. I have asked our Reader Nectarios, in whose home the two icons began streaming myrrh, to describe in his own words what has happened.”

Priest Anatole Lyovin


My family and I have had the honor of venerating this Icon and being anointed with the streaming myrrh many times. If it comes to a parish or monastery near you…it would be wonderful to receive this great blessing.

I’ve seen it too. It filled an entire (rather large) temple with the smell of roses, and I watched as the myrrh sort of ‘dewed’ up from the surface of the Icon and grew until it dripped down the front. Amazing. Included my sister in the list of people to pray for with the Icon and anointed her with some of the myrrh. She was announced Cancer free on a Feast of the Theotokos! Glory to God!

I would exercise a little caution with myrr streaming icons. There was a monastery not too far from where I am at Blanco Tx. They too claimed to have a myrr streaming icon of the Theotokos.

But it turned out to be a fraud, the monks were putting mineral oil on the icon themselves, they also turned out to be peadophiles.

I’m sure this case was a fluke, but still.

The Blanco monks made a fortune from their webstore. I bought several things from them including cotton balls with the mineral oil, of course they only charged for the box containing the cotton.


The Hawai’i Icon gives out swabs with the oil on it for free when it comes around, and they don’t sell anything when they come either. This Icon doesn’t just have oil all over it, when I say I saw it “dew” up I mean I literally watched a bead of oil grow on the surface of the Icon until it dripped down to the swabs at the bottom.

You’re right, we need to watch out for fakes and our first reaction towards anything supernatural should be to be skeptical, but the Hawai’i Icon isn’t one of them.

You do not need to caution anyone about this Icon.

I believe that monastery has been dissolved…many bad things happened there.

You do not have to caution people about the Hawaii Icon.

Yes it was disolved by ROCOR, and several of the “monks” went to prison.

I am convinced the Hawaii icon is real, but reading that story brought Blanco to mind since it was near and I was familiar.

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