The "Mysterious" Uncle Ted (McCarrick): Nobody Would Talk


Bishop Fellay of the SSPX reported once that he was visiting Pope Benedict and imploring him to do something about theological corruption in the Church. And the Pope said, “See that door,” pointed to the door out of the room, and continued, “That’s where my power ends.” The man was boxed in from the beginning in so many ways.


A lengthy but interesting read. As usual, Mr. Dreher has a wide array of sources.


It was very interesting. Food for thought.


Lord help us!


I find Dreher to be a bit of a mixed bag. He sometimes provides some really keen insights. But there’s always this part nagging at me that he doesn’t have his facts quite right. It’s hard for me to trust that he knows what he’s talking about half the time.


Indeed. :pleading_face:


Who is the real Pope then? If our Pope is just a puppet Pope?


Did the article suggest that? I don’t remember.


The intro did:


I don’t think that statement de-legitimizes Pope Benedict’s reign. If the man that occupies the Chair of Peter is not the Pope, then no one is. But even the Pope loses his authority if no one obeys him.


When should one be speaking out and when should one be silent? When did detraction stop being a sin?


His book, “The Benedict Option” left me cold. It was clear he had only a superficial knowledge of Benedictine spirituality. He didn’t even mention oblates who would be the first people to turn to, in order to understand how to apply Benedictine spirituality to lay life.


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