The Mystery of Global Warming's Missing Heat

So basically, scientists and politicians spoke before they actually looked at all the facts?

It may be a bit cynical but I see the entire global warming “controversy” as an attempt to control the population and, at the same time, an opportunity for a few people to make money from various “anti-global-warming” schemes.

The “carbon credit” scheme ~ where Al Gore was paying himself to justify his excess electricity usage ~ was so transparently bogus it seemed like a joke. It is hard to take someone seriously when this sort of thing is going on. And yet I have heard news reports that “carbon credits” is big business. :shrug:

It’s hard to know what is right.

The photos here;

Show clearly that there is a melt down of the polar ice cap.

However, the cause is debatable.

My belief is that the change in climate is caused by a shift in the earth’s axis. This happens on a cyclical basis and is why the earth goes in and out of ice ages.


The polar caps on Mars are shrinking too. We can’t blame THAT on anyone’s SUV :smiley:

I submit the source of heat and light is the SUN.

Now the founder of the Weather Channel is suing Gore. I wonder if you can give back the Nobel prize?

But there will be those who will try or blame Bush :rolleyes:

Nah, can’t blame him. Bush probably thinks the polar ice cap has something to do with ice cream. :smiley:


Cheap shot, Jim. Its easy to ridicule someone. Especially if its a president.
Anyhow, there’s a story out today that indicates that the deep sea temps. have actually been cooling in recent years. The global warming nuts are trying to come up with a way to blame it on the equipment. They will probably succeed. The sea temps. determine everything. Roanoker

But…but… we sent all those spacecraft and the Mars Rover. That must have done it.:rolleyes: :rolleyes:

I’ve seen reports that the polar ice caps have grown in size this past winter.


Check out this site.

It tells where the “missing heat” went.

[Hint: it went the way of bad thermometers … the instruments in something like 85% of the cases are found to be reading high. Anywhere from 1 degree high to 5 degrees high.]

No wonder we had “global warming”!!

And, no, the data were not “corrected” for instrument error.

What they need to do is set up an additional instrument at each location but separated far enough to get an accurate reading. And THAT would START to give some hints as to what the correction OUGHT to be.

But that would take money and somehow with a $3 trillion Federal budget, there isn’t any money for accurate temp readings.

So, we spend bizzillions of dollars on studies that use bad data.

And we penalize the economy for hundreds of bizzillions of dollars based on bad data.

Not to mention the bologna associated with the Ozone Hole and the banning of Freon and Halon.




…Kevin Trenberth at the National Center for Atmospheric Research says it’s probably going back out into space. **The Earth has a number of natural thermostats, including clouds, which can either trap heat and turn up the temperature, or reflect sunlight and help cool the planet. **

Anthropic coincidences anyone?

“Global Warming” is starting to turn into one of the biggest frauds in history. It is time we start going after the criminals for crimes against humanity. And I think we need to start with Al Gore.

So apparently people in here don’t see the decline in the size of the polar caps as evidence of a global warming trend. I guess the pictures were fabricated. :rolleyes:

The fact is, the planet is going through a warming period. Why? No one can say for sure. But it has happened before, just as glaciers have formed before. The earth goes through cycles of cold and warming trends. 10,000 years ago, we had a glacier. Something caused the glacier to form, and then to melt.

Does all of this mean we should not try to reduce green-house gases or improve our technology, in order to not cause harm to the environment?

Isn’t one of the new sins the Vatican has pointed out, purposely doing harm to the environment?


We should be good stewards of the environment withing the context of understanding what is and what is not actually harmful.

Well first of all I think it is important to note that these measurements are only taken over a few years. A few years on a planet that is billions of years old is not even a blink of an eye. It also sounds to me that there is some factors that they do not know about that could be affecting the temperature. It is important to remember scientists do not know everything about the earth. We do not know about every process and how it affects every other process.

But to claim that this means global warming is a fraud is just silly. Like the article basically said a few mild years and simply not fully understanding the data doesn;t mean they were totally wrong. And besides it should be called global climate change not just global warming. Because warming can actually cause climate changes that in some areas can lead to colder weather!

That being said even if they are totally wrong…is that an excuse to mess up the planet? We only got one planet folks…and I get the feeling alot of people here really donlt appreciate that. And we as Christians especially should be concerned with the enviroment especially since we got orders from God to be good stewards of the Earth!

ON THE OTHER HAND, when we get a couple of warm years, there are screams that we need to immediately implement Kyoto, shut down all CO2 generators, and run for the hills, but first stopping to buy carbon credits from Algore.

So, it’s kind of one-sided.

When it warms, it’s a human-caused disaster.

When it cools, they say … well, let’s not be so hasty.


Personally I believe that the globe is warming but man is not the cause of it. That will make enemies on both sides of the aisle.

I approach global warming from a different perspective. By education, I am an archaeologist. The Pleistocene Ice Age ended about 12,000 years ago. From about 10,000 BC to 6,000 BC the climate was much, much warmer. The glaciers melted as well as the polar ice cap. Sea levels rose by as much as 200 ft in the Gulf of Mexico. Around 6,000 BC, the climate stabilized into pretty much its current form. In the last 8,000 years there have been periods across the globe in which climate shifted abruptly. Lands such as the American southwest which were fertile became desert. In Europe grapes were able to be grown in England in historic times. And then there were the mini-ice ages of the 1500s and 1600s.

When I was in grad school back in 76, the “hype” was that we were on the verge of a new Ice Age. There were scholarly articles aplenty. It should also be noted that vulcanism has the power to affect climate.

Mr. Gore and his fellow “fear mongers” need to defer to climatologists. Sure, we need to reduce our emissions - they affect the biosphere. But climate? I don’t think so.

It’s all Mr. Spock’s fault! I knew that “live long and prosper” line was just a cover up!

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