The mystery of mass

I’m new to Roman Catholic mass, but have become attached to certain parts that have changed since Lent ended, and I’m not sure why. For example, they haven’t sung the kyrie eleison in the last two weeks or so. I thought that was a part of every mass and I miss it.

Also, we’re singing the petitons differently. I understand most parishes have variations, e.g. some parishes simply speak the response “Lord, hear our prayer,” after every petition. Others sing it, but still sing a simple, “Lord, hear our prayer.” We were singing Trilingual Intercessions during the petition, which meant we would sing, “Lord, hear our prayer,” in English, Latin and Spanish. Since Easter, however, we have switched to the simple English reply. I don’t know if this is the pastors’ choice, the musical director’s choice or part of the ordinary seasonal changes. I miss this too.

I suppose I can’t expect the mass to be exactly the same every single time, but I just wonder if there’s a rhyme or reason for it all. Please let me know. Thanks!****

I belong to a parish which tends to vary musical settings and and options by Liturgical season. It sounds like your parish is doing the same thing.

It is usual for Lent to be more subdued and to emphasize penitential actions. It is usual for the Easter season to emphasize Baptism, new life, and joy. Just as in our own lives, some events (like weddings) have joyful, sorrowful, and/or bittersweet aspects to them, the key parts of the Mass likewise have different facets.

As Fr. David mentioned, the Penitential Rite (which is where you’d here the Kyrie) can be “replaced” by a sprinkling rite. Since the sprinkling rite is a reminder of our baptism (and Baptism washes us clean of sin) it would be sort of “redundant” to have both rites. It is very common to see parishes use the sprinkling rite throughout the joyful season of Easter.

In my parish we use the sprinkling rite throughout the Easter Season (and on many Solemnites.) We (usually) recite the Penitential Rite responses during ordinary time and sing them during Advent and Lent. We change around the the response to the intercessions based on the liturgical season too. (My parish likes a lot of variety.) Other parishes in the area don’t vary things quite so much.

Thanks! I don’t know about sprinkling rites but they did baptize babies yesterday, and of course there were baptisms at Easer Vigil. So that probably explains the absence of the Kyrie. As far as the petitions, they might be toning that down for the season. Or maybe that is the way they normally do it. I notice that every priest also varies how they do certain things – like every one has their own intonation for, “Let us proclaim the mystery of faith,” and that sort of thing. The elements of mass are all still there, but there are some I prefer over others. Thanks again.

That’s another exception. If baptism takes place during Mass the penitential rite (including the Kyrie) is not done.

“Let us proclaim the mystery of faith” is a different matter altogether. Changing these words is explicitly forbidden because they are part of the canon (Eucharistic prayer) of the Mass, and changing anything here is a serious problem.

No, they don’t change the words, just the tune, if you could call it that. It sounds a little different from every priest. They sort of sing it; I assume every priest does. My parish is very large so we have four different priests sharing mass duties. I’m just noticing subtle differences like these as I continue to attend. I assume they’re getting it right, although obviously I wouldn’t know the difference. With four priests, five deacons and a few thousand parishoners, somebody would probably let them know if they weren’t! :slight_smile:

Ah yes, you did say “intonation”. My mistake.

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