The Mystery of Omm Seti/Dorothy Eady

Recently, I have been researching Biblical history, especially as it relates to Egypt and the Exodus, and the rabbit hole led me to this:

Dorothy Eady (1904. - 1981.) was an Egyptian archaeologist and draughtswoman. She is known for her claims that she is the reincarnation of an Egyptian priestess.

At the age of 3, she fell down a flight of stairs, which marks the beginning of the bizzare events sorrounding her life.

She started having dreams of ancient structures and gardens, and started having a huge obsession over all things Egyptian.

Quoting the Wiki article:

‘‘Her Sunday school teacher requested that her parents keep her away from class, because she had compared Christianity with “heathen” ancient Egyptian religion.[4] She was expelled from a Dulwich girls school after she refused to sing a hymn that called on God to “curse the swart Egyptians”.[4] Her regular visits to Catholic mass, which she liked because it reminded her of the “Old Religion”, were terminated after an interrogation and visit to her parents by a priest.[5]’’

‘‘During her early period she reported night time visitations by an apparition of Hor-Ra. He slowly dictated to her, over a twelve-month period, the story of her previous life.[15] The story took up around seventy pages of cursive hieroglyphic text.’’

She eventually became very succesful in researching ancient Egyptology and became a widely respected scholar.

Her claims of being a reincarnation with special knowledge of Egypt’s past did surface, providing a situation where her claims could be checked objectively:

''Omm Sety disclosed that she believed she knew the location of Nefertiti’s tomb, but showed some reluctance in disclosing its “most unlikely place” because Seti I didn’t like Akhenaten for his attempt to suppress traditional Egyptian religious practices. “We don’t want anything more of this family to be known.”[85]

She described the location of the tomb as being close to Tutankhamun’s, which was counter to the then-prevailing opinion that no more new tombs would be found in the Valley of the Kings.[86] In 1998 the ARPT group led by Nicholas Reeves began exploring in the area of Tutankhamun’s tomb, based on two anomalies found during a sonar sounding in 1976.[87]

During the dig two undisturbed seals of the 20th dynasty scribe Wen-nefer, a well-known person whose seal has been found on many Valley tombs, were discovered.[88] A radar scan in 2000 produced evidence of two empty chambers, but the work was halted pending an investigation into the theft of antiquities.[89]

In 2006 Otto Shaden, on a completely unrelated dig, accidentally burst into one of the “anomalies” (later numbered KV63), which contained particularly fine examples of mummification supplies used for a royal burial, presumably nearby. Reeves’ opinion is that the second “anomaly” is likely to be an undisturbed tomb.[90]

In August 2015 a new paper was published by the egyptologist Nicholas Reeves, likely confirming the finding.[91]’’

She also noted several comparisons between modern-day Egyptian customs amongst both Copts and Muslims, and ancient Egyptian customs:

''A common belief amongst village people relates to a “bogeyman” and “terrorist,” called Ba Bah, and compares with the obscure ancient Egyptian god Bwbi who similarly invoked terror.[62] ‘’

Popular customs associated with Easter, observed by both Copts and Muslims, were considered by her to probably originate in ancient Egypt. On “Job Wednesday,” during the week preceding Easter Sunday, a bath is taken and the body scrubbed with a plant, “Egyptian Amaranath”, called ghabira by the Muslims, and damissa by the Copts.’’

She is also noteworthy for other things, such as:

''Omm Sety believed in the curative powers of water from certain holy places. She would heal herself by jumping into the sacred pool in the Osireion fully clothed. Friends report how she not only healed herself but others using this method.

A baby brought to her by distraught parents because of breathing difficulties recovered after using water from the Osireion.[57] Omm Sety reported that she no longer needed glasses, was cured of arthritis and appendicitis using the waters of the Osireion.’’

This has made me wonder several things:

Are her comparisons of Christianity with ancient Egyptian beliefs, including her comparison of Catholic ones, valid?And doesn’t this sound similar to a copycat thesis of Christianity?

What could explain some of her clairvoyant knowledge of Egypt, and her belief that she was reincarnated and even contacted entities related to ancient egyptian gods?As well as her healing abilities and whatnot?

And what are we to make of this whole thing, where we have a respected Egyptian scholar with such bizzare claims sorrounding her?

There have been attempts to explain this, such as Carl Sagan who simply says that she carried childhood fantasies into her adult life.

Others, like psychologist Michael Gruber say that Omm Sety lived “a functional life in so-called everyday reality”, including work in Egyptology, embroidery, making jewellery and socializing with people. Her reported experiences enriched her life so much that "it would be an extreme loss to have seen her simply as someone who was hallucinating’’.

And others:

‘’ A psychiatrist who specialized in adolescent behaviour speculated that Dorothy Eady’s fall down stairs as a child may have resulted in damage to the locus ceruleus, which could have resulted in a dislocation from her surroundings resulting in the embracement of an obsession’’

So, what are your thoughts on Dorothy Eady, and her claims of the comparisons between Christianity and ancient Egyptian cults especially in light of her scholarly status, and her claims of reincarnation as well as more paranormal claims and abilities?

Supernatural knowledge and skill in a
foreign language and a “spirituality” is
one of the MAJOR signs of demon-
possession, I’d say she needs to be

I agree. She has been deceived. We all need to be aware that the evil one and his cohorts have been around since before Adam and Eve were created. God did not take back the intelligence He gave to the fallen angels. But, they are not allowed to tempt us beyond our strength. We are responsible when we give in to temptation.

The evil ones tell one another things about other people and other civilizations and use this to draw them away from the Lord, and to believe in false teaching.

God uses the devil and his cohorts to tempt us…but they are on a leash. A prayer life and use of the sacraments given to us by our Lord Jesus Christ protects us from being deceived, and aids us to be sanctified for the Glory of God.

Sounds like the visions of Ellen G White of the SDA…

From your own post…There have been attempts to explain this, such as Carl Sagan who simply says that she carried childhood fantasies into her adult life.
…most likely explanation.

I would recommend to just pray for her…

What’s weird about this is that she liked going to Catholic Mass as a child because it reminded her of the ‘‘Old Religion’’.

I am told that someone who is demon possesed cannot stand to be anywhere near a holy object, let alone the Catholic Mass.

So we would have to explain her lack of fear of holy objects…

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