The Mystery of the “Beloved Disciple”–And More! [Akin]

In this episode of Catholic Answers Live (March 14, 2017, 1st hour), Jimmy answers the following questions:

*]Why shouldn’t we only believe things verified by science?
*]How can we reconcile the Council of Trent saying that we have free will with John 6:44, where Jesus says “nobody can come to me unless the Father draws him”?
*]How can we reconcile differences in the Gospels like where Jesus exorcizes either one or two men, depending on which Gospel you read?
*]Are John, the Gospel writer, St. John, the Beloved Disciple, and St. John of Patmos are all the same individual.
*]Did the Blessed Mother know she was free from original sin?
*]Why do we not talk about the trauma felt by the soul of an aborted baby after it is separated from the body?
*]What is the Catholic perspective on physician-assisted suicide?

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