The Mystery Worshipper

Does anyone here ever visit the Mystery Worshipper website? Here’s the link:

The volunteer “Mystery Worshippers” attend services (mostly in the UK and US) and post photos and respectful reports on the website. Most of the reports pertain to Protestant services, but there are a fair number of reports on masses, by knowledgeable Catholics. There is one person who has written several excellent reports on EF masses in various locations in the northeast US.


Very interesting site. I will have to go back and read more. Perhaps I could be a contributor. I have attended mass in several unusual churches. :newidea: Gives me an idea for a new thread. Stay tuned.

Thanks for sharing the website. I enjoyed reading about various churches. I would love to read a review about my church…to see if everyone is as pleased with it as I am.

:tiphat::wave: YES! I found this site too. very interesting. It tells about visits to different churches. I just wish that their examples would have included smaller churches. Talks about everything from being welcomed at the church to when they leave the church. Makes you aware of greeting others that you may not know,:slight_smile: and the fact that our churches includes everything from the buildings, people, and even the coffee:coffeeread::coffee::cake: offered before or after services.
May God Bless

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