The Name That is Above All Names . . .and Doors, Gates, etc


A great blog on the Holy Name:


I’m going to sound like a bad Catholic :(, but what exactly does IHS mean?


IHS is the abbreviation for Iesus, which in turn is Latin for Jesus.


Ok thank you very much. That’s what I thought but I also heard it stood for In His Service, In Hoc Sino. etc. hah. Thank you once again!


Actually IHS is a Latin transliteration of Iota Eta Sigma, the first letters of Iesus (again a Latin alphabet transliteration) of Jesus (an English Transliteration of the same) :slight_smile:


Great link. I think we Catholics (and other Christians) should pray the Litany of the Holy Name of Jesus daily to make reparation for the sins committed against His holy name.


Thank you very much.


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