The Narrow Gate Luke 13 / Matthew 7


So I’ve asked this question about the narrow gate and are few saved to quite a few priests and many of them have said its true. But when this gospel passage is read at church this part is hardly ever emphasized.

Here are 101 quotes from the doctors, saints of the church on this particular subject etc

So does this get emphasized elsewhere or is it the same. I’ve read a lot of the writings of st Alphonsus Liguori and he has mentioned this in great detail in his sermons / writings etc


Whenever that is part of the gospel reading that is what the priest’s homily will be about which applies to all gospel readings. The homily emphasizes the gospel reading of the day.
I don’t understand your question. What is your concern?


Well, it’s kinda like going to a sinner’s clinic at a church and being diagnosed with Damnation Syndrome. Trouble is, they used to have the Cure, but the step-by-step procedure and most of the ingredients to the Solution have been lost. That ole devil sure is slick.

The standard prescription is, “If you accept Jesus Christ as your Savior, believe He died on the Cross and was raised from the dead by His Father in Heaven, then you’re saved.”

Unfortunately, there is nothing narrow about that ‘path’ and it doesn’t include utilizing the Gift of the Holy Spirit - without Whom we cannot become Fruit for the Harvest.

A Church with members only is like the fig tree with leaves only that Christ cursed. Unless ‘leaves’ have Fruit growing (Holy Spirit Indwelling in the members), then there’s a problem. If the Light decreases, darkness/evil takes over. Appears, currently, to be a global problem.



You have some valid points but sometimes its nice to give a sermon to give people a wake-up call.


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