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Can some one out there offer some insight into this publication? Is it really catholic? Is it more liberal or conservative? Is it worthwhile to read?

I have no idea what this publication is about.
Thanks for your input.

I refer to that paper as the “National Catholic Distorter” because it publishes articles that directly oppose teachings of the Church. It is very liberal, very progressive. I would not read it. The “National Catholic Register” is a Catholic newspaper and a much better choice of reading material from a true Catholic perspective, faithful to the teachings of Holy Mother Church.

Here is commentary about the “Distorter” from Bill Donohue, Catholic League President.


Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on an editorial featured on the website of the National Catholic Reporter (NCR):

It’s been obvious for a long time, but now it is official: the National Catholic Reporter rejects the teachings of the Catholic Church on sexuality. In an editorial titled, “NCR Endorses Call for a New Sexual Ethic,” it supports retired Australian Bishop Geoffrey Robinson’s plea for the Church to change its teachings on sexuality."…

Blue excerpt from entire commentary here:

It is also known as Fishwrap, by some. It’s not worth the bandwidth it occupies.


National Catholic Reporter, with few exceptions it at odds with Catholic teaching.

National Catholic Reporter was condemned by Bishop Helmsing 44 years ago. He said the newspaper had a ‘poisonous character’ and ‘disregard and denial of the most sacred values of our Catholic faith:’

On the roe v wade 30th anniversary in 2003, the National catholic Reporter coverage of it had no Bishop saying the Church’s view on abortion, or any pro life group spokesperson. But they did cover pro abortion Frances Kissling, director of organization called ‘Catholics’ for a Free Choice. On March 30th - April 12th of this year they had a full page ad for this group:

A commentator wrote this, espousing her view that women who are pregnant or raped have a ‘right to choose,’ totally at odds with Catholic teaching:

At a special March for Life Mass in the basilica, Diocese of Raleigh Bishop Michael Burbidge said he hopes abortion “will be inaccessible, illegal and impossible.” While I want to see abortions decline, I do not share my bishop’s view regarding the possible criminalization of abortion. If abortion were outlawed, what would happen in the case of a woman who became pregnant as a result of rape or incest? My pro-life views are strong, but in those cases, I support a women’s right to choose. I can’t tell an abused or raped woman to follow my moral dictates. She can take the matter up with God.

National Catholic Reporter:

Douglas Kmiec Back to Defending Pro-Abortion Obama to Catholics

Refute Falsehood

National Catholic Reporter Misleads Readers on Stem Cell Research

Phyllo, I did a search for you here at CAF on that paper and found these results and others too, but I didn’t list all the results because there are too many (733). It is my opinion (and obviously the opinion of other Catholics too) that you would do well to steer clear of the “National Catholic Reporter” and read the “National Catholic Register” instead.

National Catholic Reporter

National Catholic Reporter

National Catholic Reporter

National Catholic Reporter: From Holland, a refreshing notion

National Catholic Reporter Misleads Readers on Stem Cell Research

Questions about Catholic Press Association and National Catholic Reporter

Tom Roberts, Senior Editor at the National Catholic Reporter

Is the National Catholic Reporter an honest News Source?

I suspect the Reporter chose its name purposely to confuse people as to which was which.

Wait just a minute! There is a redeeming quality offered by the National Catholic Reporter. I use it as an example of a bad publication by asking people to compare this publication with The National Catholic Register. Read one issue of both publications and get a “feel” for the difference.

Then, I take the next step and declare that one of these publications is out of step with the church and the magisterium of the church. Obviously NCReporter is the one that is unfaithful. Then I point to other publications that are in the “gray” area to stay away from.

It is a good exercise to help people understand that many publications, even “catholic” ones are purposefully misleading. Once people begin to understand how far we have evolved from a truth-filled society, they start to choose very carefully what they read, what they watch, and even listen to on the radio or podcast.

Once you are plugged in to the real faith and supportive media, you can grow at great speed and help your brothers and sisters along the way. Amen!

I cannot disagree because I think that is entirely possible.

I suppose it does have merit to clarify:

National Catholic Reporter - Avoid - Unfaithful to the teachings of Holy Mother Church.
National Catholic Register - Read - Faithful to teachings of Holy Mother Church.

Thank you all.

The reason that I asked was first I never heard of it and second my friend gave me several copied articles from the paper that she got from a “round table” discussion at her catholic church. In reading them I came to my own conclusion that these did not conform to what I was taught in the Catholic school system. I was surprised that some one would give them out at a catholic gathering if maybe to show that they go against catholic teaching. I don’t know but I plan on asking my friend under what circumstance she was given the articles.

I for one read and really like the Catholic Family News which is conservative Catholic and what I read in these articles goes against what I read in the CFN.

I really appreciate all the input.

Thanks again and God Bless.

I’ve read a few good articles on it, but for the most part it is used by liberal Catholics who want to justify themselves for going against Church teaching.

John Allen is one of the very few faithful-to-the-teachings-of-the-Church reporters on the NatCatRep.

The rest are an embarrassment, and many of the people who comment are nut jobs.

Good approach. :thumbsup:

It disturbs me to see people advising adults not to read a particular publication because of the views expressed there. If we only read (or watch or listen to) those who have an identical perspective to our own how long will it be before our views become narrow and distorted. Witness those who ONLY watch Fox News or read the Washington Times or those who ONLY watch MSNBC and read the New Yorker magazine. They very quickly get a very imbalanced perspective on the facts.

That’s like eating a diet of only broccoli. Broccoli is a fine thing, and you need to eat some for a balanced diet. But, if that’s all you ever ate, I dare say that not only would your meals quickly get boring, but you would soon suffer from a lack of good nutrition.

Part of being a mature well educated person is being well read and well versed on a number of different topics from a number of different perspectives. Be well versed in Catholic doctrine. Be well versed in the what’s and the why’s of what the Church teaches. Then read all you can from as many different perspectives as possible. That’s what being an intellectual is all about. It’s not about burying yourself in opinions that all agree with your own and with each other.


Truth ___________________ ? ___________________ Error

What is the “balanced perspective” between Truth and Error? IOW, what would you put in place of the question mark in the diagram above?

That’s what being an intellectual is all about. It’s not about burying yourself in opinions that all agree with your own and with each other.

I thought being an intellectual today meant you have to agree with the intellectuals in higher ed. Their current cause célèbre is SS"M".

Besides, your thesis requires people to be able to think for themselves. How many have been taught how to do that? None, moi included. But what they have been taught is how to be politically correct, which means you have to pretend you don’t know things you do. So, in the diagram above, you would have to acknowledge that error has rights, and in the end, error wins. Sorry, that’s not for me.

“Previous generations of social experimenters have caused unimaginable misery for millions of people. None of them have ever been held accountable.”

Well, thats the great thing about America. You’re free to live in your bubble and feel superior. As for me, I’d rather educate myself as to the positions of all who have an informed opinion.


I cancelled the NCReporter when they printed an article by a 3rd party that questioned whether a plane really did crash into the pentagon on 9/11 (I only remember the author being female). This article created enough a uproar that the NCReporter subsequently published an apology but also distanced themselves from having content approval responsibility from outside writers. It was pretty disgusting and I’ve never picked up the paper again. I believe the article was published in Oct. '11 but it may have been a little later.

That’s all fine and dandy, but the Reporter calling themselves Catholic is downright deceitful for the unsuspecting reader.

I read the NCR to get a balanced view of the news and views of Catholics and their Church.

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