The National

Any fans of the National?

They’re not perfect. Lyrically, the language frequently uses the Lord’s name in vain, cursing, and just bleak depictions of life.

However the music is beautifully made and the lead singer’s voice is uniquely gorgeous.

I saw them recently as the first, good rock show I’ve been to. I’ve been listening to them so much ever since. Right now I’d say they’re one of my favorite bands, but I always question the secular music I listen to.

Wondering if any Catholics out there like them too.

Any time I hear one of their songs, like “Bloodbuzz, Ohio,” I could swear it’s that guy from that 80’s band Crash Test Dummies, his voice is so deep… and, you’re right, its not the most uplifting album. (I think I read a review that said, in effect, if MGMT or LCD Sound System had the party album of the summer, that The National had the downer album of the summer.) I do dig their cover version of “Pretty in Pink,” though…

I can see where you get that idea. Both the guy from Crash Test Dummies and The National are probably baritones.

and I really do like that song “Bloodbuzz Ohio”, but the Lord’s name in vain is used in the chorus…

I didn’t know they had a cover of Pretty in Pink. Thanks, I’ll check it out :slight_smile:

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