The Need for Power


There are so many threads with the need for power and this human frailty at its core, yet our Lord addressed this matter and power/direction in Matt 18:15-17. If you have a problem, take it to the Church. Paul did exactly that in Acts 15:1-12 when members came to Paul to discuss the matters of circumcision for the gentiles. He could not give a statement and he went directly to the apostles. Peter gave the church’s position.

This matter for how we humans deal with power is what to a large part is keeping us separated today. In the current thread about what if an Eastern rite cardinal becomes Pope,……so what?

Christ did not specify how we are determine theology and identify who is in charge, but he did give the statement that if there is a problem of church related issues, take it to the Church!

Orthodox want the ‘power’ of the same for all, but why would our Lord leave us with such a conundrum? The tradition was known and exemplified by his followers.

Politicians, cults, churches all have this power need. Why can’t we just deal with this natural seemingly human need instead of calling to question authority or starting a new religion?

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