The Negative Cycle; how can I change it?


I get a lot of negative energy/feelings pent up and it forms a cycle I’ve realized because as you know, we are all terrible sinners. I fall into mortal sin a lot unfortunately. I get into a thought process of feeling guilty which stresses me out which makes me not want to pray etc. which causes more guilt.

I’m trying to reset my views and thought patterns toward my shortcomings and look at them more as new opportunities to rediscover Christ’s mercy.

How can I do this? How can I stop the negative thought and feeling cycle? It causes me so much unwanted and unneeded stress and guilt and I know for a fact God doesn’t want me to feel badly about myself, He just wants me to keep coming closer to Him.


Rely on God, trust in His Infinite Mercy, and think of the Paschal Mysteries :slight_smile:


Been there, still doing that, selling the t-shirts (they’re a bargain!)

Frequent Reconciliation. Also try to get a spiritual advisor, or at least a one-on-one meeting with your pastor or his assistant. Helps! Really does!


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