The Neocatechumenal Way?


There’s been a lot going around about this group in our diocese lately. I was wondering what exactly this group preaches and how come they have been banned from some dioceses and welcomed with open arms in others? Are they fully inline with the Church’s teaching, or are they more of a social organization, or are they part of the Charismatic movement?

Are there any members here of CAF that are members of the Way?


I am. So you want to knw what this group preaches?? what i can recommend you do if your really that interested… why dont you just attend one of their catechisis and you will see. And i mean this is a Kudo kind of way. Enjoy.



hi is there anyone in here who knows how i can find neocatechumenal way in turkey??pls help me
GOD bless u…


Semper Fi, I would be glad to offer my take from outside of the NCW sphere of influence.

This topic is being discussed quite a bit in a few different threads, and here is a comment I made with regard to their doctrinal heresies:

I think you may have already joined in on those discussions. See you there!


This is a great article from a former member of the NCW.

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