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Having recently returned to my roots the Catholic Church I have a question that I hope I phrase correctly. I am a serious and excited Catholic presently studying the Catechism as a means of getting as current as possible.
My problem or concern is the format (not content) of the new American bible I purchased, being use to the standard King James.
I might have erroneously chosen one with a non user friendly format but let me give you an example. I am in my catechism reading on Necessary Adaptions page 14 and reference (1Cor 9:22) so I go to page 1292 Chapter 9 and the format is totally cofusing.
Please advise if I need a study bible American version or a resource that explains this NAB /text/compact ISBN-10:0-8407-1289-8 ( just for clarification )

Please advise


I’d like to help, but I’m not sure what you’re asking. Can you clarify a little more what you are talking about when you say “the format is totally confusing”? I don’t have the Compact Version you are talking about, but in the other NAB versions I have, finding or reading the passage in question or it’s location is not a problem.

Maybe its just my 77 year old comprehension challenges
But i cor easy to find, chapter 9 easy as well, but the verse numbers do stand out. Guess I need a large print maybe. Thanks

If I remember right, the Compact Edition does have VERY small font which is one of the reasons I have not bought a “compact” Bible since my 40’s. I’m 52 now and, even with my reading glasses, as much as I read the Bible, I have to make sure that any Bible I get doesn’t have to be large, but really needs to be crisp and clear. :nerd:

Yes, you may need to invest in at least a full-size Bible. If funds are an issue, you can probably pick one up used at a used bookstore. Unfortunately, I always find a lot of Catholic Bibles at the two I frequent. :frowning:

The New American Bible is also online at

You can adjust the size of the print so it’s completely readable.

Great Info thank you

Thanks again will give the used book store a shot. While perish I belong to has only 1 priest it is rich in history being 123 years old.

In effort to get really involved going to a lector workshop.
Oh and your web site was really a plus
So glad I joined the community

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