The new and the old


Here is a light that you refuse to measure against faith.
You say that the church is the truth and the authority of the truth.
Church doctrine and actions have changed over the centuries. So everything that comes out of the church is to be believed.
However, there is the alteration of teachings over the century. So the church always preaches the truth. They are the fantasy of the truth. Old doctrines have been enlightened by newer ones. So as we expound the truth throughout the centuries, we (the church) is creating it out of thin air…sorry out of a seed, out of a feather of truth; which is the word of God. So everything that the church does is moved by the holy spirit; and every century that ever occured believed they had a grasp on spirit.
So everything that happens out of the church, doctrine and the such is sometimes disregarded or enlightened by newer doctrine. So as the church was teaching the old doctrine, newer doctrine expounded the truth even further; rendering older doctrine as lies as the truth spoken in the old doctrine from previous centuries does not match the truth spoken in proceeding centuries.
Therefore, as the church progresses throughout the centuries, an enlightening thought–the old truth when compared to the new truth become lies. Now, the truth spoken is always being altered rendering previous spoken truths as lies.
One prime example I can give you is the crusades. Now, you can see clearly how my truth renders the crusades as lies. Thou shalt not kill. Those who live by the sword shall fall by the sword. There with these two truths I have rendered the crusades as lies.
Now, current belief and teachings through evangelicals is that if you pray for money God will give you money. Now, with my words I render this truth as a lie. You cannot serve God and mammon. render unto caesar what is ceaesars and God’s to God. There I defeated a teaching of the church with it’s own truth. Now these truths have become lies.




Sorry, couldn’t resist… :shrug:



So GH, which bit of pretentious music did you lift the lyrics of for this little unoriginal gem of a post then?

If you were in any ‘college’ class of mine, be it at age 10, 16 or 26 or whatever you reckon you are today, you’d have gotten a big fat F.

Not to mention coming on a Catholic forum and arguing against evangelical beliefs as if they were our own … such stupidity would have you laughed out of any school in this country


Firstly, the Church has never contradicted an earlier teaching. Yes, doctrine has been developed more fully over the centuries, but no doctrine has become the opposite of what it once was. That is your mistake. Do you know the difference between Catholicism and Protestantism? Secondly, thou shalt not kill can be reconciled with the “Just War”. We are not expected not to defend ourselves against evil.

[quote=GH] Beliefs are the bullets of the wicked.

Do you believe that?


But certainly provide them easy access to more effective medication

I was once addicted to placebos!


We’re not evangelicals, so your point about money is moot. Stop generalizing. Christians are as different as members of any other religion.
As to war and crusades: I’m not smart enough to explain it, but other people can do it better than I can. But if “Thou shalt not kill” was an absolute prohibition, we’d all be Jainist Hindus with our little brooms to sweep bugs out of the way rather than step on them, not Christians.

Everyone else:
The last line was System of a Down.

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