The new anti-religious movie by Bill Maher


I was flipping through the channel the other day and came across Larry King Live. On the show he had the ever controversial Bill Maher (i think i spelled his name correctly, it may be Mahar.)

During the interview the two of them talked about the new documentary that Bill Maher is producing. I believe the title of it is going to be “RELIG-I-DICULOUS”. As in Religion is Ridiculous.

I was just wondering if any of you saw the interview or have heard anything about this documentary? It is being released by Lions Gate which is a major company.

Bill Maher described it as a way to show how idiotic believers are. He also said he goes to the rock where Mohammad was “raised up” to heaven, the Vatican, the Wailing Wall, and Salt Lake City among other religious sites.

It will be done in a Michael Moore fashion of Mocking and a Satirical look.

Just wondering on your thoughts.


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